After making millions with Dogecoin, Goldman Sachs banker quit

By Lukros76 | Crypto Banter | 12 May 2021

Aziz McMahon, an Irish banker from the London branch of the US investment bank, recently invested a large sum of money into the memecoin and after it's meteoric rise earned millions of pounds through what might be called sheer luck or pure genius. With Elon Musks amount of support for Dogecoin it would surprise no one if Aziz was a firm believer in the same things as Elon is.

According to the Telegraph, McMahon who was the head of emerging market sales resigned after pocketing so much money. He has also reportedly started his own Hedge Fund from the funds he has obtained, no further plans are known but hearing this "amazing" story will probably drive even more people to invest in crypto.

Goldman Sachs Bankers to Join Fintech Venture by Wallmart

It's also believed that all of the earned money was made exclusively through his personal account and that he had no connection to actual crypto investing or trading within Goldman Sachs

The most ironic thing is the fact that the blockchain and crypto were essentially created to removed banks (the middleman) from transactions so having a banker earn so much from the same thing that's supposed to make them irrelevant is funny to say the least.

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