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Coin market cap app review

Coin market cap app review


This is based on the 3.3.5 version



Everyone that is somehow involved with cryptocurrencies knows about the coin market cap website. You might even have it open on your browser in a tab that you never actually close. It’s the go to website to get all the latest information and news about all major coins in the crypto market. 


But why download the app on your phone?


price alerts


One of the best features the app provides is the "price alerts". You can customize price alerts for the coins you’re interested in, and as soon as the coin hits the targeted price, you get a notification on your phone. That is especially great if you're waiting for a certain price to buy or sell your currencies. With the alerts, you don’t need to keep that anxiety of checking the website all the time. You can just relax, keep working, and you’ll know about any important price changes as soon as it happens.


In terms of privacy and security, you can set up a biometric authentication to access your account with your fingerprint or facial recognition. It’s a great way to keep your data safe from people that might have access to your phone, but of course this feature only works if your phone supports it. 


home page


Another reason why the app is great is the easy access to all information available on the website within your phone. This is great if you don’t have access to a computer at a certain time and want to check the crypto market updates. Or maybe you’re working and want to check something, but you’re not using your personal computer… :) In my opinion, having something on your phone is just more practical. In the current world, it’s a natural thing for people to have their phones with them most of the time. So having all the crypto information you need at all times is a huge benefit of the app.


prices page                    


You can also set up which screen you want to appear when you open the app. You can choose between “home”, “prices” and “portfolio”. Just click on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen and select launch screen, then you’ll have the options mentioned above to choose from. Just pick what’s more convenient for you.


launch screen


I’m also a huge fan of the dark mode feature, something that has been adopted by multiple platforms lately. The white bright light just really bothers me, especially if I’m checking my phone with the lights off, which I know is not recommended, but we all end up doing it anyway at some point. So always when dark/night mode is available, I enable it 24/7. And I was happy to find out I could do it on this app.




I have to say, I was a bit disappointed at the portfolio part. If you did set up one in your account, you can check it on your phone of course. But I did miss the individual profit/loss column of each currency you’ve added to it. On the app, as well as on the browser version for your phone, you can only see the statistics of your best and worst performance coins. In comparison, from the version on your computer, you can see full details of each coin’s performance. It’s a bit annoying and I wish they would launch an update soon that could make that possible.




Still comparing the portfolio feature of the app with the computer version, on your phone, the pie chart only divides in five sections. That means that if you have more than five different currencies, the “extra” ones will be all mixed together under the “other” tab. And as you might know, you have a distinct sector for each coin in the chart available on your computer browser.


So these were some of my thoughts on the coin market cap app. Despite thinking some of the features could use an update, I do really think it’s a very handy app to have it in your phone. What do you think? Leave me a comment if you have any other thoughts on it.


Thank you so much for reading! 



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