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By Best crpto | Crypto bag | 13 Aug 2019

Flybuys reward every dollar spent in their network of stores with 1 cent of reward value - which can only be redeemed at member stores. That’s super restricted. 

AMEX rewards when you spend with their network partners but only when you use your AMEX card - which you can own for the princely sum of $400 per annum. Thats expensive and restricted.

Incent rewards every dollar spent - anywhere.

You don’t need a different card for each store you shop and we don’t stop there. Incent doesn’t just reward you for your discretionary spend, you also get rewards when spend on necessary expenses, including rent, utility bills, medical expenses, insurance - in fact any business.

In addition, Incent rewards are in the form of cryptocurrency which revalues constantly in line with demand. Your reward value can be saved or cashed out in crypto or withdraw  at anytime. Now that’s real value.

But this isn’t an either/or decision. If you like your existing programs, crack on and enjoy your Incent rewards on top! That’s right Just sync your bank and you can earn your Qantas points AND Incent rewards at the same time!

Check out our member offers for double, triple or even quadruple rewards back on your spend.

Sync your bank

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Best crpto
Best crpto

I,m a fresh boy how has join crypto field recently. And want to work at this platform.

Crypto bag
Crypto bag

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