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By TrinityJc | Crypto Baby Updates | 11 Sep 2020

There is a really interesting thing now in crypto adoption. Is to get paid crypto to learn about crypto. There are two exchanges currently paying you to learn. You might think that I'm talking about a little bit but I've earned more than 100$ using this. So this is not a joke or a scam.

One of them pays really good money for it, that is Coinbase. Their little courses are very well done and in videos with subtitles. You will need to actually watch and listen to the videos as there is a question asked at the end of each. Believe me though it is very interesting.

The other one, OKEx, pays less but seems to have more content to learn from and it is also more broad. You can also learn about trading, markets, derivatives there. There are also more courses available in total.


How can they give all this money?

So where this “money” or cryptocurrencies comes from. In the case of Coinbase, being one of the biggest exchanges, they have achieved a very good reputation and get crypto currencies directly from the projects to promote them. So they basically distribute what is given to them. That is why they can give so much. I say this much because I have made over 100$ on Coinbase Earn. They also keep adding cryptos as they are coming out.

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