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How To Utilize Binance For maximum Benefit!

By Aventurine | Crypto Aventurine | 5 Mar 2023



Binance is by far the Biggest Crypto exchange out there, and at the same time the most overwhelming one when it comes to the website, app, features, but also, it is the house with an array of opportunities to earn crypto and cash! In this article you will find out how to utilize Binance to maximum benefit!


Without further a do let’s get straight to it!


1. Use “Task Centre”

Before making any trades or deposits, it is worth too look at Binance Task Centre to see if there any bonuses associated with the activity you are about to perform - you can get vouchers, cash backs and so on! (to do this within the app go to user section by clicking the little figure in the circle at the top left corner)




2. Gift & Campaign Section

One of the most diverse sections worth to regularly check out! You can find many ways to earn and save as well as participate in “WODL” competitions (under “WOTD” icon (to access this section click on “more”)




3. Hold and Pay fees with BNB

Hold BNB and enable pay fees in BNB you will get 25% discount on trading pairs! (to do this go to main profile and select Regular tab where it says “use BNB to get discount”)




4. Check Binance PAY

Before making or payments or purchasing anything it is worth to see what’s inside Binance “Pay” as there are plenty of deals and discounts as well as opportunities to win prizes! (you will find this under user section - top left corner. )



5. Use Binance Visa Card.

If you are a Binance user and don’t have their Visa Debit Card then you are missing out on the benefits! You can get monthly cash backs depending on how much BNB you hold! 


(To apply for the debit card click “More” scroll down to the “Finance” section and click on “Card”)




That’s it guys you should definitely find all those tips useful!



1. Kucoin (for Publish0x payouts and gem tokens)

I found Kucoin to be the best way to withdraw your Publish0x payouts and with upcoming Kucard it will be the best way to spend your earnings on coffee, groceries, etc. You can get $500 trading bonus and 10% off trading fees if you register via my referral link ($100 deposit required though)

2. Binance (withdraws to your card or bank accounts good bonuses and promotions)

Right now it is the best time to join Binance, they literally pay you to join and get their free Binance Visa Debit Card!

By Signing up via my referral linkyou get the following reward options:

To Get $5 USDT Reward:

Register an Account + Complete KYC: You Get 5 USDT

To Get $10 USDT Reward:

- Register an Account + Complete KYC + First Purchase: You Get $10 USDT

To Get $20 USDT Reward:

- Register an Account + Complete KYC + First Purchase + Order the Binance Card: You Get $20 USDT (there are no fees to order your Binance Card, You Get Free delivery)

You literally get $20 for free and a free Binance card (where other normally charge deliver fee!)

I have been Binance user for a few years now and it really is the best exchange! 

Remember to sign up via the link below!

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