Brave's BAT Purchases See Stunning Growth - Good News for BAT!

By at350 | Crypto at350 | 7 Jul 2020

BAT Purchases Are Rising!

There's good news for the growth of the Brave ecosystem.

Looking at the amount of BAT bought by Brave in July, the number is 577,462 BAT ($150,068). Compare this to a few months ago in April for instance, where the amount of BAT bought was 380,927 BAT ($65,567). Brave purchased almost triple the USD-equivalent of BAT this month than April!Brave BAT Purchases

What Does This Mean?

There are two major reasons for the growth of Brave-initiated BAT purchases.

1. More advertising support

Brave purchases BAT using the money from ad campaigns hosted with them. That BAT then gets pushed out to Brave users. If there's a lot of BAT being purchased, it means that more is being spent on advertising. Hence, Brave can spend more money on BAT! Advertising support is a good thing, as it shows how Brave and BAT is being endorsed by advertisers, increasing demand for BAT in the long-term.

2. More users

Of course, advertising campaigns wouldn't be successful without users. Looking at the USD amount of BAT purchased, Brave users usually make the same amount of money each month (around $5). So, the fact that the USD amount of BAT purchased has almost tripled compared to a few months ago in April means that there're more users to pay out to, probably around 3x the number of users! This is exciting news. It shows how Brave is rapidly growing and how the BAT ecosystem is growing along with it, introducing additional people to BAT. This will increase demand for BAT, and it's just another reason I think BAT has a lot of potential.


Looking into the future, we should only see Brave-initiated BAT purchases rise. As people share the word about Brave, refer others, and dive into the ecosystem Brave has created, there will be many more opportunities to see how high BAT can go.

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