Does Bitcoin need advertising?

By Lazy Bear | Crypto and world | 19 Mar 2023

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that was created in 2009. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and discussed in the world. But does bitcoin need advertising and why is it not for all users?

On the one hand, bitcoin does not need advertising, because it is already quite well-known and popular. Significant peaks are discussed even by the state channels of the countries of the world. Many people already know about it and use it for various purposes, such as buying goods and services, investing or simply storing savings.

However, on the other hand, Bitcoin is not for all users. Its use can be difficult for those who have no experience with cryptocurrencies or do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of blockchain technologies. In addition, bitcoin is not a safe way to store savings, as it is prone to hacking and theft. And of course, such users have an "experience" in cryptocurrencies based on how many newcomers trade with futures.
The lack of crypto literacy, literacy in the storage of assets also frighten people away.

Also, bitcoin is not suitable for those who prefer to use traditional payment methods and do not want to risk their money. In addition, bitcoin is not always accepted as payment in various stores and companies. Although everyone takes into account the collapse of crypto exchanges, they ignore the collapse of banks.

Moreover, the more people use bitcoin, the more governments of different states will squeeze cryptocurrencies, creating high taxes.

Do you think it is necessary to advertise bitcoin?

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