Digital IDs & Virus Tracking! Ethereum Is Being USED For??!

By Samurai Airdrop Hunt | CryptoSamurai | 10 Jul 2020


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Well I said I was going to dig deeper into the coming Digital Identity, and hyperfocus1a3f8493c726df051e39934e369a37583b7336bc84b8b4c5efacf9603af48b2a.jpeg on a critical branch of the newest global movement. We have dug into most of the important pieces of Digital Identity: ID2020, GaviAlliance, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Digital Identity Foundation, the Rockefellers, OpenID foundation, and even..Mastercard. But there is the ringleader of this all, who we have just scratched the surface on. They sit on the board of directors. And she is a very powerful woman. This is Blythe Masters. As we can see from her ID2020 profile, she IS the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings company. Not she was the CEO, as many people are confused to this day about her involvement. Well ID2020, might need to update their information, as in December of 2018 she did step down from the CEO position...and then in March of last year, Yuval Rooz was named as the new CEO of Digital Asset. But Blythe’s CEO role is sticking around, even with larger databases, like that from the Better Business Bureau….as we can see, they still have Blyth registered as head of business management, their principal contact, and the title of CEO. I wonder why this is? Must be because she is still involved right? Of course she is.d9f0ed225f47cbf983d95669b216a2e91783010ce8304a81770e51005d245a80.png From one of the latest blockchain articles on Blythey, “Blythe Masters, former Digital Asset CEO, proposed as Maersk director” In the article “At Monday’s Annual General Meeting of Mærsk, Blythe Masters will be proposed as a board director. Along with IBM, Maersk owns the TradeLens blockchain container management solution, which includes five of the top six ocean carriers. Hmmm interesting move I must say, but in the article it goes into her involvement with Digital Asset, “Under Masters’ leadership, Digital Asset raised $110 million with a high profile list of investors that includes Broadridge, Citi, DTCC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and technology companies IBM and Accenture. She is still a board member and adviser and also chaired Hyperledger for three years, which Digital Asset was involved in founding. Board Member still? Yup confirmation by Bloomberg’s profile on Digital Asset and you founded hyperledger Blythe and Digital Asset? You mean bought….this 2015 bloomberg magazine article tell it like it is “Blythe Masters’s Blockchain Startup Makes Two Acquisitions'....”The company bought San Francisco-based Hyperledger and Budapest-based Bits of Proof for undisclosed amounts” So when people try & say, Blythe has no say in Digital Asset of Hyperledger, you are kidding yourself, she is the founder of Digital Asset, aka a large owner, has a board seat and bought hyperledger, back in 2015. The move she just made with Maersk, and their board of directors, is a solid move for Digital Asset, as they tie right back to an open source project, which has a focus on supply chains and ERP systems...the baseline protocol. So as we know, Unibright has been surging since their involvement with Baseline was revealed by ME...and then I was copied by the youtube crypto shill army…..and let’s hear what these copykids had to say during a discussion about unibright…..ya they mentioned vechain….yikes, beware! But if you want the real deal holyfield, let’s begin. The connections to Baseline and Digital Asset, and Blythe...comes from Unibright. I have shown this before, but Unibright is a partner of theirs, which was leaked in June of last year, when Stefan Schmidt, CEO presented Unibright and DAML smart contract integration. Then confirmed, in November when Digital Asset released their own blog post about the partnership and integration. So Baseline is big news, and Digital Asset is big news for UBT. But I’m not like the other guys, I’m not just going to bring you good news, after good news.952e5d412c69b770ebeb33c31e7d3f5bc53fdc44a2f5758144562447b2be859c.png Let’s dig into the darkside of what could be going by getting BASED. What about those IDs? Well Unibright CEO Stefan Schmidt, just a few days ago, dropped some info in the Telegram group. He said “Speaking of integration we are also working on a public showcase with Digital Asset, showing an SAP integration with the Unibright connector, and, in a 2nd stage visual definition and DAML code generation for an RFQ process.By the end of the week we also dive deeper into possible engagement in different groups and consortia around digital identities, a subject that has often crossed our way recently, especially around freequity. So right there, we know Baseline is looking to create a working group, for digital IDs within the baseline protocol. I wonder why? Well let’s just dig into the baseline github…..and go to issues, scrolling down to #92 opened 26 days ago….Covid Test Result, Baseline? What is that? Well Ole Johnny Wolpert, he explains it “A group of companies on the SSC in healthcare and individuals like @balajipachai have committed to building a proof of principle in a week to show the feasibility of taking medical test results such as Covid-19 testing, and baselining the data with the lab, provider and the individual, such that the individual can use a personal password manager like 1Password to store the baseline proof and the relevant test data, so that one can prove a verified attestation of the result to a variety of services (such as perhaps getting a ticket to a concert) without having to connect the lab or provider with the concert provider. Ya kind of scary, we may need medical results, to prove our “immunity” or “vaccine” taken to the virus, just to go to a concert, which John mentions down a little further, like Coachella….1a637a147f5c75aeb687fd72ccdaaed386a1b7511f38cfea57915b63da0b661d.png “Now, say the Patient wants to go to Coachella 2021, and their new policy is you need to have shown that you actually had Covid and recovered more than N weeks or months prior to the event (imagining a scenario where an event would only want to admit post-symptomatic positives, because they are sure to be immune and no longer shedding virus). The Patient goes to Coachella's web site and provides the baseline proof from 1Password. Here's another "wrinkle" from the Radish34 example. Here, we want a method to bring the Coachella system into the baseline in such a way that they get only a subset of the data that is baselined between the Patient and the clinic/....or another approach would be to set things up in such a way that 1Password messages Coachella with the name/ID and the material ("result is positive," "date is xyz") that can be checked against the baseline to confirm authenticity without having to get the clinic or other healthcare providers involved. OHHHHHHHH...But this thread, has so much more juicy stuff...John says “One of the things some of us agreed, in a conversation with Rouven Heck, was to support in the specification DID compliance.6a1c5068921d67dd72eda44c12b5a42ab8498617344d795f615154e72356f7e7.png I will say that this conjecture above about a use for baselining is a little uncomfortably close to the standard case for digital identity. That said, we're still waiting for that. So... why not give this a try and see if it sticks. DID, you mean the Decentralized identity specification, being built by Microsoft...ION which is the bitcoin version and Element is the ethereum version. Hmmm, well guess what, Rouven Heck, who John was speaking too, is apart of Consensys, of which is a founder of baseline. What does he do at Consensys? From his LInked….Digital Identity…. And look below, he is also Executive director, at the Digital Identity Foundation, the DIF….. Which connects, last weeks video ohhhhhh soooooo nicely. Last week we hyper focused on Microsoft, their ID players including Daniel Buchner, Pamela Dingle, and Kim Cameron. We found out Daniel, senior PM of Decentralized Identity Foundation was working 5 freaking days a week on DID…..and guess what, Daniel was Executive director at the DIF, of which he helped create...and Rouven took his spot….again why so connected everyone? But we need to go back to what John first said, the reason for the work being done, on baseline and Covid testing. John said “A group of companies on the SSC in healthcare and individuals like @balajipachai have committed to building a proof of principle in a week”..Well the SSC stands for the Specification Steering Committee of the baseline we can see “Baseline Community Projects are the SSC's way of managing specific objectives for the baseline protocol initiative. SSC members commit themselves to one or more of these. While others may do the development and task-work, an SSC member commits to articulating and prioritizing the work, identifying community members and others who can do the work, and using whatever incentive structure is available (or whatever influence one has) to help ensure the work gets done.6a1c5068921d67dd72eda44c12b5a42ab8498617344d795f615154e72356f7e7.png So who from the SSC, wan’t this CoVid testing done? John said a group of companies from the SSC in healthcare. So who from the SSC steering committee could point us in the right direction? Well, Bill Gliem of Consensys Health….sounds about right...but also….there is Stephan Baur of Kaiser Permante. Well first let’s focus on Bill Gliem….from his LInked in, he is the CTO of Consensys Health, but lookey there he is also apart of the EEA, as a founding member. But look at his activities, he posted this...that the stopcovid hackathon, just added Vitalik Buterin as a judge. Ya Consensys health, started a “hackaton” to get tools built for Covid tracking which began April 13th, and is still going until May 11th, with the winners announced May 18th. So remember, the SSC of which Bill is a part of uses all the tools, or incentive structures to ensure work gets done. This is exactly that, tools being built from Bills influence for the COVID baseline tracking. Pretty sneaky huh? But you need more confirmation this is that, and they even have Ethereum’s founder helping out?69852237b1c3ab9e54da48c675c0c203b2429579ea55f34ffa7c501677562d49.png Look at who is supplying the first prize. KPMG, Kaiser Permanate Medical Group...of which Stephan Baur is on the steering committee of baselines SSC. And guess what...Stephan retweeted something of Johnny Wolpert’s with I totally AGREE! "Citizens lack a unique online identifier. This is helping fraudsters to steal nearly £50 billion worth of government services every year in the UK."#Blockchain's first revolutionary product could be online ID….. Digital IDs...they are coming, and they will be connected to virus testing and immunity results. It’s being built open source, by a bunch of developers, who don’t even know what they are contributing too, spokes in the wheels of control? The truth hurts when it’s right there. Cheers I’ll see you next time! 285c31c9d363e7139ffbabfdb19221df0fdce2b745c3f6bb5e935ebbff8eb1b7.png

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