(XLM) will stellar lumens be a good investment?
(XLM) will stellar lumens be a good investment?

By DREWO | crypto and others | 8 Mar 2020

At this time we all want something that fires like BTC or ETH, but is that possible?
In the end, is there still more market for the other 3000 currencies?
Why do good projects seem to be very slow before BTC and ETH?

Well today I'm going to tell you a little bit about the star network
the star network in my case as a small investor brings me some comfort today when I started writing this post, the currency runs nothing less with 0.048 yes a little low so whoever is watching this may see potential investment in this currency.

Yes i am suspicious because i love this project and i will explain why, for me there are potentials to be able to even reach the 100 dollars as they have announced around there.

For me, you might think that STELLAR is the little brother of Bitcoin, but faster and more scalable, and much cheaper, you can send the XLM in 3 to 5 seconds with the reduced cost of the moment less than 1 cent

It is often associated with Ripple, however, the goal of Riplle is more banks like Santader and HSBC, while the steller is focused on serving banking services to individuals
He is currently in the Top 20 coins by coinmarket
Steller is revolutionizing cross-border payments, imagine that you are isolated and want to send money to the rest of the world, yes, even in 5 seconds the other person would have your money and you would have sent your money much cheaper and more comfortable than the methods current (western union etc ...)

After researching some of the main predictions, the top experts say that XLM has enormous potential for very big growth this year and in the near future, thinking, on the other hand, with about 5 cents of $ 250, it will give a lot of that currency that, if true with little in a little and little time will do a lot.

Facts that can contribute to the increase of this asset

  • XLM can process more in 3-5 seconds than Bitcoin in 10 minutes This means that Lumens can operate around 1,000 times faster than Bitcoin.
  • (IBM) recently signed a contract with IBM According to experts, the IBM / Stellar platform could replace the SWIFT / IBAN system currently in use company focused on the IT area
  • SatoshiPay is one of the innovative platforms in the field of micropayments. After going through migrations on various platforms, he finally partnered with the Stellar platform.
  • Sure Remit One of the regions that offers great potential for the development of cryptocurrencies and their use cases is Africa.
  • Stellar X is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. The peer exchange operation allows users to obtain Bitcoin through fiat currencies.


At the end of the day I leave here a bankrupt project that I think you can invest in the cryptocurrency market with the least possible risk, thanks for your reading 




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crypto and others
crypto and others


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