Moved Moons To Kraken | Sold Some | Bought SOL and PEPE | Traded Moons, SOL, PEPE | Made Money

By Oivas | Crypto and Gaming Articles | 19 May 2024

It All Started With Moons | TLDR

I had to bridge all my RCP tokens to Arb One or at least two of them - Moons and Donuts. With Donuts I moved it from Gnosis to Arb One in a single shuttle as instructed by the moderators over there. With Moons, it was a bit more complicated (ok not complicated but a bit more tedious) to bridge between chains using Celar. I was thinking of all the steps to do before even bridging. I mean, ensure there is ETH in both the chains and then go about the bridging.

Then I thought why not just move all my Moons to Kraken and have fun trading? After all, my Moons are sitting here doing nothing. Also, with no application of the 75% HODLING CCP-IP penalty, the Moons weren't doing much.


Long story short - I moved Moons to Kraken and sold some Moons for SOL and USDT. I transferred SOL to my Bulb accounts, and then moved USDT to MEXC to buy some PEPE. Outcome - Moons that I sold, I made it back trading at Kraken. SOL were swapped for Bulb tokens which I staked on the Bulb platform and made bulbs every day. PEPE bought and the price zoomed up losing a zero.

All in all, I made made money on all three. Bl**dy happy about it!


Had to Put My Moons to Work | Why? | Because Donuts Were Working Hard

So, most of you hodling Donuts would have put your Donuts to work on Sushiswap and the liquidity added over there would be earning you money. But that same thing was not happening with Moons. Say what you have to, but my money has to make me money or it is nothing.

I hit the idea of trading those Moons and earning more Moons. I mean, why not? The price of Moons is range bound for a long time between 0.2 and 0.23. If that is the case then take five to six positions to buy low and sell high. That should earn you Moons. I keep doing that with other cryptos then why not with Moons?

I moved my Moons to Kraken and started trading. Around that time, I realized that I could put a few of my other sites and choices also into play. What are those? Those were Bulb and PEPE. I know the downvoters would be vying for my blood for calling out PEPE, but hey, PEPE and BONK are two shi*coins on which I have made a lot of money. You can hate it but I know how to make it work.


BULB And PEPE | What's With That?

Alright, now BULB is the native token of It is a writing site on which I am present. It can be traded or Jupiter DEX against Solana. So, I had to buy SOL to start with. I did that at Kraken and transferred to my Phantom wallet linked to Bulbapp. Once that happened I swapped SOL to Bulb. I used that for various payments on the site but the best part was staking which earns me more Bulb. That means I have put my Bulb tokens to work too. How cool is that?

And now I come to PEPE. Do I need to say more? When I first posted a comment in some article on r/cc sub on Reddit, I was downvoted to oblivion. Why? Because I said, I won't mind trying it out. That's all and I garnered 127 downvotes. So, after nearly six months of that comment and complete disappointment that PEPE had already lost two zeroes since then, I took the plunge. I sold some Moons and bought USDT. Moved the USDT to MEXC and bought PEPE three weeks back. And now I keep trading it and accumulating it while PEPE lost one zero in the last week.


I Am Quite Happy With My Decision With My Moons

Not only have I earned back the Moons that I used to buy SOL and USDT, but Bulb and PEPE have also worked out well. What more can I ask for? It was a great deal since I moved my Moons to Kraken.

Now I wait for Kraken to enable Arb One for Moon transactions and I will move it right back to my wallet. Happy Days Lads!! I loved what I did. :)


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