Blankos Block Party - Founders Pack Sale is Live!, Priority Access to the Private Beta Starting Nov 17th!

Blankos Block Party - Founders Pack Sale is Live!, Priority Access to the Private Beta Starting Nov 17th!

By Mozzie | Crypto Aficionado | 22 Oct 2020


Limited Edition, Limited Quantity.

Sequentially Serial Numbered, Tokenized.

First Come, First Serve.

Blankos Block Party Founders Pack Sale is live right now at

Right now for a limited time you can buy any Founder's Pack for Priority Acccess to the Private Beta launch on November 17th. Each and every limited edition Blankos designs will be sequentially serial numbered, tokenized, and can be purchased with cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

All items will be delivered to your in-game account at the start of Beta. Once they're gone, the only chance to get them is on the secondary market once available. Get them while you can!

Onto the packs themselves, what's in them, and how much they cost.

The Blankos Founders Pack come in 4 different packs, with 4 pricing tiers. Now not only do you get the Blanko of your choice you also get Blanko Bucks equal to the value of your pack, you're also granted guaranteed Priority Access to Private Beta when it launches November 17th, Founder status in-game (not immediately available at start of Beta) and on the Blankos Discord server.

So if you buy the most expensive Founder Pack, the Boss Founders Pack at $149.99 you also receive 15,000 Blanko Bucks which is worth $150 in value by itself. The higher tiers also come with Themed Accessories, Build Materials, Build Items and Themed Weapons all of which are also NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens) that you can trade or sell when that feature becomes available.

  • Boss Founder Pack - $149.99 - Boss Dino Blanko, 2x Boss Dino Themed Accessories, Build Materials, Build Items, Themed Weapons and 15,000 Blanko Bucks
  • Bite Me Founder Pack - $99.99 - Billy Bones Gold Blanko, 6 Billy Bones Accessories, 2 Build Materials, 2 Build Items, 1 Basic Build Set, 1 Bite Me Themed Weapon and 10,000 Blanko Bucks
  • Tako Founder Pack - $49.99 - Tako Blanko, 2 Tako Themed Accessories, 1 Tako Themed Build Item, 1 Tako Themed Item Wrap and 5,000 Blanko Bucks
  • Ice Founder Pack - $24.99 -  Lolli Blanko, 3 Lolli Themed Accessories and 2,500 Blanko Bucks




I guess i'll see everyone at the party once the Private Beta drops November 17th! Since this is a Private Beta access will be limited to the users that either Buy a founders pack where you're guaranteed access, or users that Reserved their account ahead of time, but not all will be invited! So if you want to have access, the lowest tier founder pack at $24.99 looks to be a great deal!

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