What I Uncovered in the Brave Rewards Creators Program Was Awesome

Do you have BAT sitting around that you don't know about? 

I bet you do! 

As a new user of the Brave browser and long time affiliate marketer, I jumped at the chance to become a Brave Rewards creator and after setting up my account, I clicked on the add channels button and started connecting all of the different websites and channels I have. 

In the process of connecting all of my websites and YouTube channels, I began to notice something that was pretty awesome! 

I had BAT that was tipped to me on those channels AND I NEVER EVEN KNEW IT WAS THERE! 

Here...See for yourself.


Now while the amount isn't really all that significant and most of the channels I connected were 0, it was still worth it to connect my channels because I uncovered some free BAT that I never knew I had. Plus, having your channels connected allows you to earn tips for the content you create, and it also unlocks some custom features that allow you to set tip amounts and create a custom cover for each of the channels connected.

Have you connected your channels to Brave Rewards Creators yet? 

If not, What are you waiting for?!?

There's no telling how much BAT you have just sitting there or how much you can make in the future. 

If you were shocked that you had free BAT when you connected your channels, then let me know in the comments. How much did you have and Are you currently making good tips from the channels you connected? 

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