Bling Games, scam or legit?

By Nicolasmdf | Crypto Adventures | 15 Jul 2020

Hey everyone, I always find it hard to find good information about a particular app or service when it comes to crypto. Sometimes this is on purpose on the part of scammers, other times the website/app is legit, but there is a certain amount of small print that makes their offer a lot less appealing, therefore it gets hidden. Sometimes you just don't find what you are googling for. Who knows.

With some of these posts, I aim to provide what I wish I knew about the services that I have tested. Hopefully, I will be able to help or save some time for a few of you.

With these considerations in mind let us dive into today's subject:

Bling Games

I came across these games when searching for a way to make a few satoshis while doing stuff online that actually paid. What I found is that Bling Financial offers 4 different games, where you earn coins by playing (and watching the ads between games).

The amount you earn is derived from the number of games you play, regardless of skill or outcome, so you can lose all day and still get the same amount than you would by winning them.

The games are:

- Bitcoin Food Fight.

- Bitcoin Solitare.

- Bitcoin Blocks.

- Bitcoin Blast.

They are four different apps available for Android and can be found on the App Store or here:

How much can you make?

I have found that it is reasonable to expect about 500 satoshis a day every day. You could do more if you want to go nuts.

The number of games that you get to play is reset after 8 hours, so you could start early, do all four games, wait, and repeat. I am happy to make about 500 satoshis, it takes around an hour or less. That is pretty good comparing it with other options out there, especially when we take into account the next point:

Bling actually pays Bitcoin directly into your Coinbase wallet

There is no lower limit on the amount that you can cash out and you get to do it every seven days. The transaction takes only a few hours and you get your bitcoin right into your Coinbase wallet (this is the only way to get them, though). You can get your funds out of Coinbase when you gather 10000 satoshis, and that is pretty reasonable.

As far as I know, Coinbase is a reputable wallet that is safe and useful, so that is not much of a downside. If you are interested in checking out the games and don't have a wallet I'll leave you a referral link here.


Coinbase wallet

My conclusion:

These games are legit and they pay directly to your bitcoin wallet. There is a hard limit on how much you can earn a day, but it is not a terrible time-sink. I have been making a little over 500 satoshis each day for the last month and cashing out every week. It has worked every time so far.


Let me know what you think, thanks for reading!

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