What are the advantages of joining MyCointainer Community

What are the advantages of joining MyCointainer Community

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 11 Nov 2019

Good morning, everyone!


For barely 1 month now, MyCointainer has opened its newest community portal, intended for the MyCointainer community

On this one you can:

  • Visit MyCointainer website
  • Inform you of the latest updates
  • Participate in surveys
  • Take part in management initiatives
  • And much more in the future...

If you also want to take part in the development of MyCointainer, put your stone in the building? And be an active part of their ever-growing cryptocurrency community? You can submit a request, using the form on this page: https://mycointainer.com/community/


Ways to have an impact on the MyCointainer community

We all know this feeling of powerlessness, this feeling of not being able to cope with poverty, with the old outdated and unfair economic system. Do you want to know more about cryptocurrencies and inform others about the possibilities they offer? Want to know how technology has changed the economy and empowered you to invest and earn money passively while you sleep? MyCointainer's mission is to spread a clear message about the power of cryptocurrencies and all the good that comes with this new technology. MyCointainer would like to share their vision and they think that together we can have an impact and change our reality, continue to adopt cryptocurrency and change the world. MyCointainer is aware that it is sometimes impossible for them to translate their will into action. That's why they want to join forces with you and create a strong and active cryptocurrency community. It is time for all of us to have a positive influence on our family, friends and the people around us.


Since the launch of their new Community Portal, MyCointainer has quickly been surprised by the enthusiasm of its members:

  • Tons of messages and comments
  • Hundreds of people who also wish to give their support and assistance to the community, by nominating a Super Member or even an Ambassador of MyCointainer

But beyond all this, MyCointainer is proud that a large majority of people are aware of the potential that this site brings, the idea of a powerful crypto community, the simple messages of encouragement pushes MyCointainer to further develop its idea, always taking into account that the user is and must remain at the center of all this


It goes without saying that MyCointainer wishes to reward its most loyal members, those called Super Members, but also Ambassadors (there is an adage that says "Every job deserves a salary"), with gifts that are much more than attractive: for Super Members

  • You will receive 1 additional Masternode (with shared rewards)
  • Free Staking
  • Masternode Service, where 100% of the rewards are for you
  • But also a chance to win electronic Gadgets and gift cards

For MyCointainer Ambassadors there are slightly different rewards, by helping your favorite crypto and also integrating it into the MyCointainer Catalog, you can get:

  • A private contract
  • As well as a monthly salary


MyCointainer believes in decentralization, and is convinced that a community managed by its members is the best way to evolve together

Everyone can have an impact at their own level, diversity resides in the efficiency of moving forward together, all MyCointainer members can help, whether it is for reporting bugs, voting on new crypto to be included in the catalog! And much more!

MyCointainer has a lot to offer, and opens its doors to everyone!

You too, come and join our Super Members, and Ambassadors

Come and give your opinion on projects that are relevant and interesting to you


Thank you all and see you soon on MyCointainer

Christophe WILHELM


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