Torum - The Cryptos Social Media Revolution is underway!

Torum - The Cryptos Social Media Revolution is underway!

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 20 Dec 2020

Hello everyone!

Do you know Torum?

One of the latest born in the Cryptocurrency oriented Social Media universe. Since its creation (in July 2020), and after less than 6 months of existence, Torum has just passed the 10,000 Member milestone. And still not you ?

The advantage of joining the Torum community is above all to be part of the revolution in Cryptos-Related Social Media. Unlike many others who pretend to be 'Crypto-Related' (but who also talk about anything else), Torum believes that it really is. And to remain so!

In addition to its strong community spread across the globe, you can join 'Clans'.


These Clans are small communities within the Torum Family, which allow you to learn more about specific topics (less general), but always related to Cryptos.

Here are a few examples of Clans you can join on Torum (depending on your interests or your desire to learn more and perfect your knowledge):

  • Profitable FX/Crypto Trading, For those who want to know more about Trading, get tips, advice, etc ... (We can never remind you enough, Any investment in Cryptocurrencies involves risk, Only invest what you can afford to lose)
  • MEME Hunter, If you also want to have fun making MEME (always Crypto/Torum oriented)
  • Crypto News Room, Discover relevant news and information
  • Various Clan presenting you with Airdrops (We can never remind you enough, Any investment in Cryptocurrencies involves risk, Only invest what you can afford to lose)
  • Bitcoin Clan, and find out more about Bitcoin
  • And many more!


As a member of the Torum Community you too can create your own Clan, if you want to share your knowledge, skills, or simply gather a group of friends who share common interests. Or you can create a Clan that will present your favorite Crypto/Project, etc...

As a reminder, there are many ways to earn XTM (Torum's Crypto) on a daily basis:

  • Login to the site at least once a day - 1 XTM
  • Create a Thread (in a Clan) - 1 XTM
  • Create a Post - 1 XTM
  • Spread a Post or a Thread on your News Feed - 3 XTM
  • Comment on at least 3 Posts or Threads - 3 XTM
  • Like at least 5 Posts or Threads - 3 XTM

As well as Weekly Bonuses :

  • Login 7 days in a row - 40 XTM (per week)
  • Acquire Followers (50 Followers per week) - 17 XTM (per week)

There are also other ways to earn XTM. The first is to register on Torum, this will credit your Wallet with 75 XTM. You can also complete Missions, to earn even more XTM.

And the community can reward you with XTM depending on the relevance of your Posts/Threads by offering you various gifts ranging from 1 XTM to 1000 XTM!

It's up to you to join the Crypto-Related Social Media revolution, and make your voice heard, share your knowledge.


See you soon on Torum

Christophe WILHELM


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