It has become so easy to create your own Coin

It has become so easy to create your own Coin

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 2 Nov 2019


Hello, everyone!


Have you ever dreamed of creating your own cryptocurrency?

But you don’t know how to do it?

Minter supports you through this process, and it is much cheaper, and much easier than you might think.

Let’s start by introducing you to Minter


With a team of 20 world-class professionals, each with several years of experience in various fields such as: IT security, mobile platformsuser designs and experiences, etc….

Minter is a brand new company in the Cryptocurrency business, and is already showing us its enormous potential and ambitions now and in the future

By developing a system recognized by the world’s leading economists today, such as:

Nobel Prize Friedrich von Hayek: “money is just a type of information and therefore should be denationalized and minted by any person or company”

Economist John Maynard Keynes: “a new type of global reserve currency called Bancor (there was a fixed parity between bancor and currencies on the one hand and bancor and gold on the other), serving as a single global currency for backing national ones and becoming the tool of liquidity in trades and exchanges. »

Minter should be considered as a decentralized World Bank, where each cryptocurrency created through Minter is supported by BIP reserves

The BIP (Blockchain Instant payment) is Minter’s native cryptocurrency

Each BIP and Crypto transaction created with Minter will be in the form of smart contracts and will require the validation of a Proof of Skate (PoS), thus creating the most secure and fair market value possible, which will solve the problem of price determination

The Blockchain used by Minter to carry out all these actions is itself the result of the Tendermint consensus, the Technology behind Cosmos Network

Cosmos Network and its promising ecosystem, makes this consensus automatically compatible with all ongoing and even future projects

Now let’s move on to what interests you, you want to create your own cryptocurrency, nothing could be easier, using Minter’s services, which will guide you through the steps and steps to follow to complete this project

The first step in creating your own Coin will be to determine its name and Symbol, but be careful, the shorter the symbol, the greater the investment required.


If you want a coin with:

  • 3 Symbols, it will cost you 1 Million BIP
  • 4 Symbols, it will cost you 100 000 BIP
  • 5 Symbols, it will cost you 10 000 BIP
  • 6 Symbols, it will cost you 1 000 BIP
  • And last but not least, if you want a Coin of 7 to 10 Symbols, you will only have to pay 100 BIP

As for getting BIPs, nothing simpler, some exchanges allow you to buy BIPs with ETH/BTC or even USDT

Currently $1 is equivalent to 54 BIP, so if we do a quick calculation, you want to create your own cryptocurrency under the name ‘AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHh’ and the Symbol “ABCDEFGH”, we get 8 Symbols, which will cost you only 100 BIP, so barely $2!

Who told you it was complicated to enjoy yourself?

Then Minter will ask you to have a minimum Supply of 1000 BIP (equivalent to ABCDEFGH)

So total of your project 100 BIP +1000 BIP = about $20.37

So why go elsewhere, Minter offers you almost a turnkey service, and all this at a lower cost

Now you’re going to say, “Yes, okay, that’s fine, I have my own cryptocurrency, but what can I do with it? Why pay $20 if it’s useless? “Well, you’re mistaken! Your “ABCDEFGH” coins will have a value indexed to the BIP, and thanks to this, your “ABCDEFGH” will have a real market value, with infinite possibilities, you can offer them to friendsmake transactions between partners (free transactions), share them with your family, etc..

The only limits you will have will be those you define when creating your cryptocurrency, and according to your Supply, knowing that it can be increased, or even decreased

And conversely, the person or persons who will receive ‘ABCDEFGH’ will in turn be able to benefit from this market value debt, via various transactions, and can just as easily convert them to BIP and then go on certain exchanges and convert them again to ETH/BTC/USDT

So what are you waiting for? You too come and take part in this adventure, and stand out, thanks to Minter you will finally be able to combine the useful with the pleasant

Take advantage of the Christmas holidays to think about it, personally I find that it can be a very original gift, to share or offer! Its own Cryptocurrency

Minter is destined to accomplish great things, and are only at the beginning of all this, stay in touch.

Minter also offers you the opportunity to promote messages, information or even your business, via, you just need to convert your BIP to LAPKINLAB, at rate 1 LAPKINLAB = 15 BIP

Thank you all for taking the time to read me

And don’t hesitate if you have any questions

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