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By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 15 Feb 2020

Today we live in a society that has undergone many changes over the past 12 years!


With the advent of Bitcoin (2008), it has opened a huge door to a new era, we have discovered what cryptocurrencies are, but also the power they can have, and it is through this major breakthrough in the way we live and consume every day that the world has completely changed.


Our Generation is going through an important stage, even an upheaval (if you allow me the expression), of what tomorrow will be, there is still time for us to take advantage of it, but to take full advantage of all these new opportunities that are offered to us, we still need to be informed, and especially WELL informed!


The arrival of great things, also bring with them, great deceptions, our world moves forward, very fast, much too fast, it is sometimes difficult to be well informed, and we often find ourselves facing a crucial dilemma, which can be summarized in 2 major thoughts :

  • "This project seems interesting, innovative, I want to be part of it!"
  • "This project seems to have something we need, but I would like to know more!"

In the first case, the worst that can happen is that you have been deceived, therefore scammed, and your investment (I speak in terms of time but also money) will be a frustration difficult to digest, which will be followed by questions, but we should not dwell on it, we all make mistakes, the only thing to keep in mind is that "We all make mistakes, we must learn from our mistakes, and move forward, so as not to make more mistakes".

In the second case, you will have spent too much time trying to understand, or looking for the flaw in this innovative concept, it may take days, weeks, even months before you decide to go ahead, but by then you will realize that it is already too late, and the time you have wasted in certifying the reliability of the project has also reduced your chances of great opportunities.


It was with this in mind that XIO was born.


Today anyone can create a project (more or less serious, more or less innovative), if they have a few thousand dollars, by using an ICO service, they will then have access to a huge network that can help the development of this project.

  • Enlarge your community
  • Fundraising
  • High exposure on the net
  • etc...

But far too many people think that if a project can afford an ICO, it must be serious. On the contrary!


Let's take this example (this example is totally utopian!. And in any case it will never see the light of day, I had this idea while writing this article).


I want to create an application that will allow you to earn JBB (JeBougeBeaucoup) (I took an example in French to be sure that the JBB does not exist), the principle would be as follows, a day consists of 24 hours, theoretically we sleep 8 hours, so we have 16 hours where we are supposed to be active. This application allows you to earn 16 JBB per day, but to reach 16 JBB, you need at least 15 minutes in movement, over a full hour, if you don't, you lose 1 JBB of your daily reward (because we all know it, we don't move enough, and our health depends on it).

So to motivate people, we encourage them to move more, and more often, which forces people to move throughout the day, not just 2-3 hours to clear their conscience.

I'm building my project, I have $10,000 to invest in an ICO, I get exceptional exposure, my community is growing, JBB is widely shared on social networks, websites and blogs

I say I want to make a sale of JBB at $0.2 each, because I would like the base price to be $0.5, and thousands of people who have confidence in this project, and believe in its future, because we are talking about health and well-being!

Let's imagine this scenario, 500 people buy 500 JBB, for $100 (hoping to be able to resell them for $250) and 1000 people buy 50 JBB, for $10.

I will have raised $50,000 + $10,000 so $60,000, because people believe in JBB.

And overnight, the presentation site is no longer online, I am not reachable at all, nobody answers ... What to do?


I tell you what to do: You've been scammed, the project was only on paper, I may have invested $10,000 for an ICO, but I just earned $50,000!



  • 1 Project
  • 1 ICO
  • $10,000 spent
  • $50,000 scammed

There are only 2 winners, the first is the project owner, and the second is the one who provided the ICO service, and there are 1500 losers.


I've explained this vulgar story to you (I reassure you, an ICO is a bit more complex than that, but you have to be brief to understand how things CAN happen), to show you that, it's not because a project is supported by an ICO, that it's necessarily reliable.


And that's why the XIO incubator, wants to be innovative, it wants to break the codes currently in place which are :


By something that will work in reverse:



When before a substantial capital was needed to present and promote a project, XIO makes it possible to promote and present a project with 0 starting capital.


Even today, too many project creators/carriers forget to ask THE IMPORTANT QUESTION: "Is this project useful" or "Do people really need it?"


Rather than telling the world what your business is worth, you let the market decide your value. This new concept allows you to find out more quickly whether your idea has a real need/demand and creates consistent incentives and benefits compared to an ICO.

Take "BOMB Token" as an example!


Anyone can submit his project to the XIO incubator, just need to meet 4 criteria :

  1. Technology: what are you building and why is it important?

  2. Chronology: What stage are you at in the development process.

  3. Tokenomics: is your symbolic economic system evolving?

  4. Team: Who is the team behind the development.


Then XIO, will make a first selection, if your project is accepted, you will move on to the next step:

  1. Liquidity connections to exchanges and Business Angels (& Investors).

  2. Legal: Compliance and international incorporation.

  3. Tokenomics: Modification or adjustment of the tokenomic structure.

  4. Marketing: Mass Adoption and industry awareness.


And that's when (after validation of both parts) the real things will start!


As I said above, it is not up to you, as a creator, or project leader, but to the community to decide IF your project has a real utility, and a future.

  • If the community adheres to your vision, it will be the beginning of a great adventure.
  • If the community doesn't believe in your vision, you will save thousands of dollars (if you would have used an ICO).


Here's how the XIO incubator works



But let's not forget either (unlike the ICOs, where everyone can access them), for the XIO Incubator, only "XIO Citizens" can access the projects supported by the XIO Incubator.


To get XIO Citizenship, it's simple:

  • Just fill in your ETH Wallet address
  • Enter the last 4 numbers and/or letters of your ETH Address, which will provide you with your unique identifier in the form "XID -****".
  • Answer a few simple questions
  • Enter your phone number
  • As well as your email address

You will then receive a confirmation email "XIO Citizenship Application Review".

Here you are, XIO Citizen


But you can go even further, if you wish.


You can help and support the XIO incubator on social networks through the XIO Social Initiative (XSI).

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Medium
  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

For all the actions you perform on these social networks as well as the quality of the content you post, XIO will offer you points, these points will be convertible into the XIO cryptocurrency according to the ratio 1 point : 1 XIO

This is not the only way to support the XIO incubator.


As you will have understood, the XIO Incubator proposes a new way to promote Projects, giving the community the opportunity to give its opinion.


To finish this article, I'm going to give you my opinion (this opinion and my comments are only binding for me and me alone).


I sincerely believe that XIO can make a real difference, they don't want to compete with the ICOs, but want to help people who have great ideas but are limited by the lack of funds, community, communication tools to make them happen

And it can also drastically reduce the scams that are flourishing everywhere, because it is the community that must believe in the project for it to succeed.


Thank you all for following me until here in article, I hope I have been able to help you understand what the XIO Incubator is and what it offers.


And never forget "Only you are the masters of your choices", join XIO to give your opinion on future projects.


If you have any questions, the XIO community and I remain at your disposal.


You can join them on social networks:



Thanks to all of you!

See you soon

Christophe WILHELM

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