FLAT.FM - Music Streaming Platform - 10 Years online !

FLAT.FM - Music Streaming Platform - 10 Years online !

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 16 May 2020

Hello everyone!

To all music lovers, fans of these bewitching melodies that accompany us throughout our lives, music that enlivens our parties, but also music that relieves our pain, melodies that help us build our memories as well as our lives ...

This month is an event not to be forgotten! We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of FLAT.FM ! 10 years of electronic musical discoveries!

10 years, we can say to ourselves that this is not much in a person's life, but 10 years in the life of FLAT.FM is an incredible adventure. We are far away from the small local Russian radio station. Today FLAT.FM has managed to establish itself as an international Streaming Platform, as well as Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Youtube Music Premium, Amazon Music Unlimited, and many more...

But far away from these international heavyweights who only offer the music that "people think they want to hear", because for them it is the only music and sounds that 'make money', so it's a money-making industry!


FLAT.FM started small, with an idea in mind, and 10 years later, this idea is still the same, to give you the best of what electronic music has to offer! By selecting the artists and musicians who will have the pleasure to appear on the catalog of their Streaming platform, for the greatest pleasure of fans and lovers of electronic music.

Besides introducing you to talented artists in their fields, FLAT.FM is a FREE and UNLIMITED Streaming platform, no other big name in the music business can boast such a feat - And why FLAT.FM does this? Because they don't do it for the money! They don't want to get rich by exploiting the art of passionate artists.



But FLAT.FM offers in addition to its free version, a Premium version, whose monthly subscription costs even less than an Espresso in a Bar. That is to say $1.22 per month (89 RUB)

Here is what you are entitled to for the free version:

  • Streaming MP3 quality 128 kbps
  • Access to the entire platform catalogue
  • Unlimited listening
  • Possibility to create playlists
  • Comment on the mix-tapes you love
  • Rate your favorite artists/song

And for the price of a coffee a month, here's what you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited Streaming in MP3 quality 320 kbps (Listen Option)
  • Download up to 10 Gb in MP3 quality 320 kbps (Download Option)


FLAT.FM also gives you other gifts, if you pay 178 RUB at once (Listen & Download Subscriptions - $2.44), you will receive 30 RUB in cashback! Moreover FLAT.FM also has its own cryptocurrency, available on Minter Network - the FLATCOIN. For Minter users, you have the possibility to exchange your BIP (or any other cryptocurrency available on Minter) for FLATCOINS, the monthly subscription is the same price, 6528 FLATCOIN ($1.22). (at the time the article is written)


BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Since April, you have the possibility to make donations to your favorite artists. FLAT.FM is all about transparency in the process. In general when we wish to make a donation to an artist, it goes through financial institutions, intermediaries, lots of useless people who take benefit of it, and out of the amount we wish to offer the musician, there are only crumbs left! While FLAT.FM uses Minter Network's Blockchain to make all transactions transparent! You know what you're sending, you know who you're sending it to, and you'll be able to track the transaction on the Blockchain.


Donations are made in FLATCOIN (to be supported by Minter Network's Blockchain), but you can also make your donations in FIAT currency, which will be converted to FLATCOIN equivalent, so you can follow the transaction as well.


An artist who is listed on an internationally renowned platform like FLAT.FM, which is a guarantee of his seriousness, is proud of his work, because he knows that people love him, listen to him, share his music, they recognize themselves in him, and these same people are always looking forward to discovering more, so what could be better than to support them on a whole new level which until a month ago was not possible.

An artist who is listened to on a standard streaming platform has to make thousands of listenings to earn a few cents of income (not to mention all the people who use before him, streaming platform, music label, license, manager ...), whereas on FLAT.FM it's you! the listener who gives 'in person' (if I may say so) a gift (in FLATCOIN) to your favourite artist.



Imagine this situation, you are at home, comfortably installed, in a cosy atmosphere, accompanied by the mix-tape you like. You pay for 1 Coffee (your FLAT.FM subscription), and you pay for a second coffee to the Musician (a donation of any amount), while enjoying an hour of mix-tape that makes you thrilled, that makes you travel, far from the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life - What better way than to honour the artist's work?


Small comparison of Streaming services!

The biggest sites in the world, all offering the same music, the same artists, the same ones that you can easily find on the internet and that you always hear on the radio :

  • Tidal: $9.99 a month
  • Spotify: $9.99 per month
  • Apple, Amazon... they all have the same price! $9.99 per month

While FLAT.FM which offers a selected content, the best in their field, quality streaming, as well as the possibility to donate to your favorite artists ... $1.22 per month ! (not to mention the listening quality for the free version and AD-FREE)!

Personally, I prefer to pay $10 per month on FLAT.FM (1.22 + 8.78), than to pay the same amount to listen to music that I can easily find on the internet (for free), or that I hear all day long on the radio or on TV.


That's the end of this short article! Hoping to have made you want to discover or rediscover FLAT.FM

And don't forget to wish a Happy 10th Anniversary to the whole FLAT.FM team, they deserve it, they work every day to offer us the best in electronic music.

Christophe WILHELM



Credits photo: https://flat.fm/

I currently have an agreement with FLAT.FM, which gives me the right to publish, republish, on their behalf, articles published for the first time on the FLAT.FM Blog.

If you have any questions or if you believe there is copyright infringement, please contact FLAT.FM directly at https://flat.fm/



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