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By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 17 May 2020

Hello everyone!

Did you know that we are a privileged generation? Do you doubt it? Let me prove it to you!

  • We live in the era of a hyper-connected society
  • We have access to a very fast Internet
  • We've seen the advent of Cryptocurrencies

The combination of these 3 points has given us great opportunities.


Until a few years ago, the world of finance (in general) was reserved only for an elite, private circles of investors, of which only they had the chance and the opportunity to earn money, a lot of money!

But those days are gone, today everyone has access to these business opportunities. All this is due to the development of new technologies, and then the arrival of Cryptocurrencies.

Now the investment possibilities are limitless, we don't need to have huge funds to be able to claim them, whether it be

  • Trading
  • Staking
  • Masternodes
  • Delegation
  • etc...



There's a saying that says "We must have money to make money", and if we think about it, it's completely true. EVERYONE who has been successful, or is still successful today, has had to invest at some point.

Do you know a real way to make money for free? Without paying anything out of your own pocket? (You're going to answer YES ! But these cases: Someone gave you money that you then invested, or the Mining Pool (but here you pay more on your electricity bill), you won a game or contest (in this case you are very lucky, not like the thousands of others who have also tried their luck, etc...).

The good thing about your cryptocurrency investment is that in addition to investing your money, you earn dividends on a regular basis! (Much faster than the standard banking system), and for an almost unlimited period of time!


Just 10 years ago Bitcoin was born, unfortunately we were either too young or not in an elite group that could invest in the very first Crypto in modern history.

But it's time to catch up now, by focusing on a brand new project that has just been launched, which is the Smart Contracts Investment. Just like Blockchain, Smart Contracts are extremely secure, immutable tools, and completely transparent transactions (the transparency we lack in our traditional financial institutions).



But investing in Smart Contracts is not just 'entrusting your money', it is above all participating in the development of projects, concepts, new technologies

So in addition to earning weekly dividends, you participate at your own level, in the development of new projects and opportunities - and thus become a forerunner in new ways to use your money wisely (to earn more and more).

The project I'm talking about is ECO Smart, by deciding to trust them, and by investing 5050 TRX (5000 TRX + 50 TRX fixed oracle fees, about 80$, which will then be converted into ECS Token), they commit in return to pay you every Monday a Tron (TRX) dividend directly into your personal Wallet, you can then do whatever you want with this income (which we can consider as a passive income).



And because of your investment, ECO Smart has the power to launch new projects. For a few days now, they have just achieved an important milestone in their project. ECO Smart has just reached the sum of 50M TRX invested, which allows them to work right now on their 'GAME CENTER', to allow them to become soon a video game developer (as well as an online casino).

All this would not be possible without you, we are at the dawn of a new era, where ambitious projects are no longer kept secret, but are finally within everyone's reach.


ECO Smart also makes it possible to earn more than the weekly dividends. This project needs investors in order to develop (you will find more information on their Roadmap), so if you want to help them in this direction, by inviting new people to join the network of investors, ECO Smart rewards you for your commitment to them.




We're in a win-win business:

  • You invest a small amountECO Smart pays you weekly dividends
  • You help to grow the investor networkECO Smart gives you great rewards


It's up to you to know when you want to join this adventure. Please note that you need to have a Parent TRX Address or referral to register.


Feel free to join us on Telegram (French Telegram Channel). Greet me if you see me there :), and say you come from me (@Chriss)


Christophe WILHELM

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