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Delegate your BIPs and earn more with Minter

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 3 Nov 2019

Thank you to all those who read the previous article, approaching you with BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment), Minter's Crypto and its main feature, which is to offer you the opportunity to create your own Cryptocurrency, at a lower cost (with a simplified creation process at its maximum)



Now let me introduce you to another (of the many) Minter features


Once you have BIPs in your possession, you will be able to use the "Delegate" function which allows you to generate even more.

With Minter, this is very easy and there is a reliable way to obtain a residual income through the delegation of BIPs. When you delegate your BIPs, you earn money per minute, which results in a daily, weekly and monthly income for you.

The important information to know is that you, as the delegator, determine your income. Let's break it down in a simplified way.


Let's take this example: you delegate 50,000 BIPs, you will earn 7200 BIPs per month.

7200 BIPs is equivalent to 130 USDT / 0.71ETH / 0.014 BTC per month (at the current rate, on 3 November 2019). So it follows that the more you delegate, the more you win.

Just as BIP/BTC/ETH/USDT exchanges are simplified to the maximum through Minter.


Here's how you can delegate your BIPs and start earning passive incomeimmediately, without processing delays, or hours to wait before the function is activated

This can be summarized in 4 very simple steps, explained as follows:

  • 1. Create your BIP Wallet -
  • 2. Get your first BIPs -
  • 3. Delegating to a validator, via this address, it is just a simple matter of sending the desired amount of BIPS to this address, and this is done automaticallyMpc9fc1052e075054cdbfb6443a6d14d97d97d97d97be9d4f19a10505c4323b52a78ca4bb18

You can find other Validator adress on this link : - It's up to you to make your choice

  • 4. You will see in the Dashboard of your Wallet, the amount delegated, and your balance will start to change almost instantly.


Then it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your daily, weekly, monthly earnings, either you reinvest them by delegating them again (to increase your earnings even more) or you can exchange them again for BTC/ETH/USDT via this website:


It is the same for people who have Crypto created with Minter, or that you have received various crypto on your BIP Wallet, just convert them to BIP and then delegate them

Just know that the minimum amount to launch a Delegate is 20 BIPs


Then you have nothing more to do, the "validator" takes care of everything to provide you with the best of your investment, even when you are sleeping


Minter offers you a simple opportunitywithin everyone's reach, to generate a residual income, you no longer need any special knowledge, to analyze the markets, to speculate on this or that crypto, and let your BIPs work for you


We remain at your disposal if you have any questions


Join the @Minter_Coin_Creator on telegram link to discuss and interact with other delegates and validators.

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