Cointiply - BTC Faucet + Bonus + Interest

Cointiply - BTC Faucet + Bonus + Interest

By Chriss | Crypto Addict | 15 Oct 2020

Hello everyone!

To date there are thousands of BTC faucets that exist on the net, many promise to make a fortune and in general they are scams, you spend time on them to finally receive nothing, because either the faucet disappears, or it is fake or empty.

Many others allow you to earn a few satoshis a day, but here again you have to spend an incalculable amount of time on it to earn a substantial amount of money.

Every day hundreds appear and disappear, but few are the really proven and and who are serious !


Do you know Cointiply ?

By using the Cointiply faucet, which only requires (at least) one connection per day, you can earn from 20 coins to 258 coins per hour + an extra 47 coins bonus if you roll a prime number

For the small information 1 Coin is not equal to 1 Satoshi, but 1 Coin = $0.0001 so at least $0.002 at least once a day.

This faucet has a 1 hour timer, so you can come back every hour for Roll again. 


But on top of that, you can earn an extra daily Loyality Bonus, each consecutive login day you will earn 1% extra bonus on your Roll, so after 100 days of successive login, the minimum Roll will make you earn not 20 Coins but 40 Coins (20 + 100% = 40).



Each week you will also earn 1% of your balance in interest (when your balance reaches 35,000 Coins, also think about it when you make a withdrawal, leave a minimum of 35k Coins if you want to receive the weekly interest).

So as you can see, it is enough to Roll at least once a day to benefit from all these advantages 

But in addition to Roll, you can earn Coin in other ways:

  • By using the Cointiply App (available on Android at the moment), you can occasionally win a 'Promotional Code' that will credit your balance with 99 Coins (not subject to the daily bonus).  For downloading this app, you will receive 1200 Free Coins.
  • You can view PTC Ads offering you the possibility to win from 7 to 40+ Coins (reset every 24h)
  • Try your luck with the 'Multiplier'.
  • Earn points by playing a variety of fun games
  • Use your referral link, and receive 25% of the Roll of each of your referrals
  • Access hundreds of Offers and Surveys to maximize your profits
  • Each Roll gives you a chance to win a Jackpot, with a minimum of 100,000 Coins ($10).


I have tried a lot of faucets, and in my opinion this one is the most serious on the net, I have made several withdrawals and I have not encountered any problems, I have always received the requested amount. 

You too can join Cointiply and earn CoinsBonuses and Interest by logging in at least once a day

Enjoy this faucet, and all that it has to offer, and don't feel like a slave to it. Because the principle remains to earn some money while having fun, without doing it by constraint for a pittance.


Do not hesitate if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. 

See you soon 

Christophe WILHELM 


Writer for : Rapids Network, MyCointainer, Note Blockchain, Minter, FLAT.FM, Freelance ...

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