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This will be be updated periodically. I hope it helps <3

Coins, Exchanges, Marketcap:
Messari - Lot of depth, good resources for free, sort by categories, advanced paid option - a staple for coins, exchanges, widgets, etc
CoinMarketCap | Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts And Market Capitalizations - similar to gecko
Cryptocurrency prices, Token rates and Altcoin charts ranked by Market Capitalization and Volume |
Trending Coins - Live Coin Watch

Early Drops via ICOs/IDOs, Airdrops, Calendars, etc: 
Cryptocurrency Calendar
ICO Drops - Calendar of active and upcoming ICO & IEO. Complete list with Token Sales 
ICO Hot List: The Best ICO List | ICO Reviews & Rating 2021 | ICO Listing 

The Non-Fungible Token Bible: Everything you need to know about NFTs - OpenSea blog
Explain It Like I Am 5: NFTs | Messari
Non-fungible tokens (NFT) |

News, Trend Trackers, Etc:
Cointelegraph Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News
LunarCRUSH | Social Media Analytics for Cryptocurrencies - Latest & Top Blockchain Dapps | Learn Everything About Decentralized Apps
Earn Passive Income with Crypto | Staking Rewards
DappRadar - Ranked list of blockchain dapps
CoinDesk — Leader in crypto and blockchain news and information.

Charts, 3rd Party Software, Bots, Etc:
Cryptowatch | Bitcoin (BTC) Live Price Charts, Trading, and Alerts - owned by gemini I believe
Coinigy - Professional Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
Pionex | Exchange with In-built Crypto Trading Bot 
BitUniverse | Cryptocurrency Portfolio & Bitcoin Trading Bot
Cryptocurrency Market — TradingView

Startups & Incubators:
Polkastarter - Protocol built for cross-chain token pools
Home - Duck DAO Incubator
TRUSTLAUNCH - Token Launchpad
Home - Master Ventures
DAO Maker - About

Wallets, Portfolios, Payments:
There are a TON. Some for individual blockchains, others browser based, custodial, hardware, paper... Will post a few big ones.
Trezor vs Ledger
Trust Wallet - big one bought by Binance, so mostly for BSC and BEP2 / BEP20 eco and dapps
MetaMask Home - your defacto web3 browser wallet. Ethereum eco is the easiest use, but can program other mainnets into it to handle about any smart chain platform and their assets
WalletConnect a great tool integrated into many services for connecting a variety of wallets big ollll mobile, desktop wallet. giant mobile portfolio manager, wallet, trading capabilities, news/alerts
Easily Pay & Get Paid in Cryptocurrency | Request invoicing in the world of crypto
Orion Protocol multiuse case ambitious project in development mobile wallet in development similar to ORN with multichain switching, in app staking, dapp access, NFT support 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Jobs - CryptoJobs
Crypto Careers | Gemini
DeFi - The Decentralized Finance Leaderboard at DeFi Pulse
OpenSea: Buy Crypto Collectibles, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and more on Ethereum
Crypto Research, Data, and Tools
Research Analyst – Variant
About KAVA
StakeHound Job Board
Ava Labs
Kenetic Trading - Kenetic
Join Us Ultra gaming

(55) Web3 Blockchain Fundamentals MOOC - YouTube Series from Polkadot I believe
Crypto Scam List: 2020 Update - Scam News Channel
List of Dead Coins and Failed ICOs | Coinopsy
Crypto Rating Council - Asset Ratings
ProtoSchool | Interactive tutorials on decentralized web protocols

Security, Etc:
- cryptography, security management, network and computer security, information security, personal security, and blockchain security. - Dataleaks - Inheritance planning 

Crypto Bot buddy is pumping some centralized news and analysis. Curated lists will be coming out via main twitter to streamline info for various categories within the crypto space. Cheers! 

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A free gateway into the limitless worlds and opportunities of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and their various use cases; with a focus on integrity and transparency to help newcomers and veterans navigate the various ecosystems.

Crypto Accord - A Gateway Into Blockchain
Crypto Accord - A Gateway Into Blockchain

Crypto Accord is a free gateway into the limitless worlds and opportunities of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and their various use cases; with a focus on integrity and transparency to help newcomers and veterans navigate the various ecosystems without being blindsided by bad actors or preventable risks. This is a cultural/tech renaissance.

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