Why I put almost $100 on TRX
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Why I put almost $100 on TRX

By 1John1:9 | Crypto 6/2020 New | 26 Jun 2020

 As someone new to the space, I wish there were a lot more focus on learning about altcoins, why they are valuable, and which ones have staying power. It truly is a jungle out there.



I've been into cryptocurrency about six weeks and yesterday I decided to do something I decided was worthy of writing about.


I currently have about 300 USD in various spaces in crypto altogether and decided yesterday to break with my "faucets only" altcoins rule and spent about 90 USD on Tron.

My reasoning was the fact that Atomic Wallet has 5 percent stake on TRX. I've seen that Tron has been up as high as 30 cents before and currently sits at about 1.6 cents(looked on Coinbase). While all I've looked at doesnt make 30 cents seem likely anytime soon, getting up to 3 or 5 cents is 2-4x profit.

Thoughts on Tron and the future? Is a 5 cent price within a year or so too high an expectation?

This is my first ever post on Publish0x, been a reader on and off for about 6 months, decided to take a stab at writing here.


I plan on writing on more altcoins that I'm checking out in the future.


My goal for crypto is to integrate it into my family's financial planning(wife and 2 kids), meaning becoming a part of what helps us become totally debt free and pay for a home in crypto (totally mortgage free), when we purchase one. In my area, 3 bd 2 bath is anywhere from 200k-300k minimum so it's a lofty goal but not undoable.

What motivated you guys to get into crypto when you started? Is that original motivation still a factor in why you continue?

For those who have completed any financial goals associated with "taking the dive", what keeps you in the space? What is the next phase after you achieve true financial security in whatever way that means for you.

I'll be posting as time permits, most likely once a week but possibly more.

God bless and see you on the moon!







Here to read and earn crypto. New to crypto. Will share good articles. Ambassador thing sounds intriguing

Crypto 6/2020 New
Crypto 6/2020 New

Pretty new to crypto, not a total newbie but still only been involved about 1 month and this will track my journey through this space

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