Weekly Crypto News Roundup - 26th January - 1st February
Weekly Crypto News Roundup - 26th January - 1st February

By pheonixdown-dee | Crypto 101 | 1 Feb 2020

Every week, I will be collecting some news stories / opinion pieces that I have found to be interesting in the crypto world and condensing them down into one easily digestible article. All the article and images are taken from a news source that I like to use and an alternative to CoinTelegram called BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto is a news website founded in August 2018 that specialises in cryptographic technology, privacy, fintech, and the Internet — among other related topics. The primary goal of the website is to inject transparency into an industry rife with disingenuous reporting, unlabelled sponsored articles, and paid news masquerading as honest journalism. You can visit their website by clicking here or join their new Telegram Trading channel by clicking here. I am also part of that group and like the content they are discussing. So let's get started!


Dash May Have 1 Million Users in Venezuela by Year’s End


According to reports from digital currency Dash, active user wallets in Venezuela have increased 562% since May. A remarkable 29% increase bolstered this number during December alone. A PR representative at Dash, Mark Mason, also clarified that the exploding number was not based on user installs but active ones instead. An active user is someone who has been online at least once in the past 30 days. At current growth rates, active users will surpass 1 million before the year’s end. Click here to read the full article.


TRON Dedicates Upcoming Blockchain Summit to Kobe Bryant


The TRON Foundation will dedicate the upcoming niTROn Summit to legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant, who, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, died in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning. TRON Founder and CEO, Justin Sun, who had previously participated in a panel discussion with the five-time NBA championship winner, has also acknowledged the passing of Bryant. You can read the full article here


Bitcoin Social Media Engagements Climb to 2020 High



Social media engagements surrounding Bitcoin and its upcoming halving have been steadily increasing, recently reaching new highs in 2020. LunarCRUSH, a cryptocurrency data platform that provides data on the social engagement surrounding cryptocurrencies, has reported that Bitcoin social media engagements have reached 319,636,032 unique engagements. Click here to read the article.


Cryptocurrency Exchange GO.Exchange Goes out of Business


GO.Exchange has just announced that it will close all operations of its exchange on March 15th, 2020. As of today, it is no longer accepting new customers. Click here to read all the details.


Trump’s Pick for Federal Reserve Is a Fan of Cryptocurrency



President Trump’s pick to lead the Federal Reserve, Judy Shelton, believes in a rules-based approach and a cryptocurrency-like gold standard. President Trump often picks fights with the Federal Reserve, claiming that the entity is stopping the economy from unleashing its full potential. If he wins reelection, he plans to replace the current Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, with his economic advisor Judy Shelton. Read the full article here


Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitpanda Trolls Brits Over Brexit


After years of back-and-forth over Britain’s departure from Europe, the day for the UK to officially leave the EU is here. Austrian cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda clearly isn’t too fond of the nation’s decision. Around 72 percent of the British electorate turned out to vote in the 2016 EU Referendum. According to a BBC News report, just shy of 52 percent of them voted to leave the political and economic union. Click here to read the full article.


Only 100 Days Left Until Bitcoin Becomes More Scarce


Bitcoin’s long-awaited halving is set to take place in 100 days. From then on, the asset will become twice as scarce. The most anticipated cryptocurrency event is almost upon us: Bitcoin’s halving. Estimated to take place on May 12, 2020, we are just 100 days away from mining rewards being cut by half. That means Bitcoin is about to get a lot scarcer—and likely more valuable, as a result. You can visit the full article by clicking here.


Researchers Extract Seed Phrase From Trezor Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets in Minutes


Researchers have gone public with another security flaw in a hardware wallet. This time, Kraken Labs exposed an attack against the popular cryptocurrency cold storage systems offered by Trezor. The attack takes around 15 minutes to complete. Both the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T wallets are known to be affected. You can read the full article by clicking here


That is my weekly roundup of the interesting news coming from the crypto world. What do you think about the topics / news stories and what was your favourite article? If you liked the content, please consider following me and tipping the article. Also check out BeInCrypto, where the news articles came from. Until next time!


I am a social media manager living in Prague. I am an avid crypto enthusiast.

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