Yes you are a bank! You can earn interest from passive bitcoins!

Yes you are a bank! You can earn interest from passive bitcoins!

By d-erf | Cryptips | 27 Mar 2020

Hi friends!


Regardless if you chose to hold your bitcoins or not, don't you know you can make it gain interest alone just hodling it?


Yes you can earn passive income from your bitcoins, with no risk and quite instant availability!


Yes you can still make profit while hodling your bitcoins!

Currently it applies with bitcoin, ETC, LINK, BCH, BNB, BUSD, EOS, USDT and ETH.

Thanks to flexible lending on Binance platform.


I just want to precise i don't work for Binance, i'm just a crypto enthousiast and a crypto trader / hodler / lender...


I practice by myself with my own account and my own coins what i show here in that article.


I use this feature since it has been released by Binance, tried all functionalities.


I practice other platforms for others reasons and diversification and division strategies, i'm platform agnostic, i will publish about it later.


Having said that: follow the guide!


Let's do earn interests with BTC, for this example!



Let's login your Binance account, if you don't have one, follow the link at the end of this article.


Go to the lending section:



Go to products


In the list you'll find BTC:


The rate is updated every day.


Today the annualized rate is 2,46% = 2,46% / 365 per full day of flexible lending.


See the recent rate history:



To subscribe, click the subscribe button:



You choose the amount you want to lend and confirm and that's all, you will see your earnings the day after.


There is an auto-subscribe option, which is very new and interesting as an good-lazy automation like feature. This option, if activated, will take all available target cryptocurrency at 01h00 and automatically lend it as seen.




All profit is automatically re-invested, so your amount auto-grows itself.


Now, how do i monitor it? And how to take profit and dispose my crypto.

Go to assets:


You arrive in the flexible deposits section = what we are looking for:




You'll see a line concerning BTC, with amounts lent from the beginning, interests earned... and at the bottom of the line, a redeem button, that's what we are looking for.


Here are the redeem options:

- You can redeem fast by loosing the current's day earning. I've experienced 5 to 15 minutes to recover funds, so yes it's fast

- Or you can wait for next 01h00 AM to finish to earn your day


So, isn't it simple?


Again, i practice it, so i've tested it, so it works perfectly, i do passive crypto incomes, with the security of a big platform.


Lending must be considered to me, as i am careful, as part of a personal crypto strategy.


And YES, YOU CAN THEN PLAY AS A BANK with lending with good interest, and earn interests from unactive btc amount!


It still makes you earn more than a normal banking system!


It is very interesting, especially for holders!


Hope that helps friends!


I'm always seeking for profitable monetary stuff, so follow my blog to keep you informed!


I'll share many other things, so please encourage me!


Enjoy, friends!


See you!


Crypto world is a jungle! Let's explore it together!

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