Week 2 Hive Thoughts

Well it has been two weeks, and I'm still on Hive. That has to say something about me, right?

I've been learning more and more about hive and am really excited about the possibilities it provides. I keep learning about neat features and things I can do that will help me grow in the community.

Here is are a few thoughts for week 2.


Hivesigner has become my preferred way to sign-in and interact with the block. It just seems to always work no issues.

Hive Keychain

Some of my early issues with getting onboarded had to do with Hive Keychain. I finally got the kinks worked out on it and can use it.

However, I do have an issue with the display. Quite often I have to stretch the window to make it wider to get the contents to display. I'm a bit on the older side and have some of my window settings are a little different than most. Specifically, I suspect it if because I am using larger fonts on my browser. I will try to follow back up with some pics showing what I mean.


Really like this. Took me awhile to figure out how to use it but I'm glad I invested the time. I've followed the curation trail of @curie. I have configured my settings to only auto vote when my voting power is >99% with 100% vote power.

As such, approximately once every 2 hours I will cast one upvote to someone @curie finds deserving of upvoting. This will take the stress for me out of trying to max out my curation award. Also, when I do choose to upvote someone manually, my VP should still be in the >96% range.

Couple of tips I picked up on using Hive.vote that I'll share for any new user who stumbles upon this post.

First, you need to have 30 HP or more to use Hive.Vote. This is because you need at least 30 HP for your vote to have any value. That was something I had wondered, so learning that was killing two birds with one stone.

Scaled versus fixed voting is something to watch for as it is not quite obvious. The % you set in scaled vote will be the % of the % the trail lead votes for. So if you set it at 50% and the trail lead votes at 10% power, you will only put in a 5% power vote. If like me you don't have a ton of HP it could be your vote will have no value at that low of %.

For me, I wanted to give out 100% votes when ever I vote. To achieve that I changed it to fixed and fixed and 100%.

While there are a number of curation trails that appear to have a lot of followers, some or many of them may be in active. To see if the curation trail you want to use is active, you can use Hiveblockexplorer. For example, with the @curie trail, you can see that upvotes are happening every 20 to 30 minutes.


In contrast, the trail with the second most number of followers hasn't voted in months.


Hive API

I'm still learning about the API's and developers tools.

Here I probably have more questions than answers.

Q: Are there any external APIs?

I have a Bluehost hosting account. I'm trying to figure out if there are any external API's that I can call from a script? It seems like the ones I've found require you install packages on your server. I'm pretty sure I can't do that with my virtual hosting account.

I have however been able to install Steempress so I'm thinking there must be some way to access an API on my hosting account.

Q: Any PHP libraries?

PHP is my preferred web programming scripting language. Are there any libraries that I can make use of?

I think the Steempress Wordpress addon is php based and open source, so I plan to do some deep diving to see how that works.

Other than this community (Hive.io) are there any good communities to follow to learn about developing DAPPs?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. If you have any thoughts or answers to my questions I'd love to hear them.


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