Looking for how and where to create and launch your own token? The IceCreamSwap team is thrilled to announce that “IceCreamSwap Token Deployer” is live on the Base and Core chain!. This new feature will allow project developers to easily and quickly launch their own tokens on Base and Core Dao, without having to go through the complex process of setting up their own Node/smart contract.


The IceCreamSwap Token Deployer is a revolutionary DeFi tool that makes it easy for project developers to create their own tokens. With its simple and user-friendly interface, developers can enter the token’s details, such as the name, symbol, total supply, and initial liquidity. Once the details have been entered, the Token Deployer will automatically create the smart contract and deploy it to either the Base or Core chain, depending on the user’s selected network.

The IceCreamSwap Token Deployer is designed to be trustless, meaning that anyone can use it without having to contact the IceCreamSwap team. This makes it a valuable tool for project developers who want to create their own tokens quickly and easily, without having to go through a lengthy approval process.

Note: Deploying or creating a token using the IceCreamSwap Token Deployer is not the same as listing it on the IceCreamSwap Dex. To list a token on the Dex, project owners must undergo a KYC verification process. For more information, please see our article on “Listing your Token on IceCreamSwap Dex.”

The Token Deployer is a major milestone for IceCreamSwap Dex, Base and Core chain. It makes it much easier for project developers to launch their own tokens on Fuse, which will help to attract new projects and users to the network.


Steps When Using The IceCreamSwap Token Deployer:


- Go to the IceCreamSwap website, connect wallet (Base or Core Chain), click on “More” then navigate and click on the “Token Deployer” tab. Then enter the following information:

* Token Name (Desired token name)

* Token Symbol (Input desired token symbol)

* Logo (Input your desired token logo)

* Initial Supply (No of tokens to be minted)

* Tax% (In put the preferred buy/sell taxes, leave it empty if you don’t want any taxes)

* Tax Distribution%: (For tokens with taxes, determine how the generated taxes is shared via: Marketing%, Dividend%, Auto-Liquidity%)

- Click on the “Create” button, a second screen showing the inputted token details will pop-up.

- Verify all token details ( such as: name,symbol,logo,initial supply, buy/sell tax, marketing/dividend/liquidity distribution), then click the “Approve” button.

Note: A negligible fee of 50 ICE is charged for using the Token Deployer. Please ensure that you have at least 50 ICE in your wallet before proceeding.

- Finally, click on the “Confirm” button and then confirm the MetaMask transaction pop-up.

- Once the transaction is confirmed, your token will be on either Base or Core chain depending on the selected network.


Benefits of using IceCreamSwap Dex’s Token Deployer:

- Simple and easy to use. Project developers can simply enter the details of their token and the Token Deployer will automatically create the smart contract and deploy it to either Base or Core chain.

- It is affordable. The cost of using our Token Deployer is very low(50 ICE) , making it a cost-effective way of creating a token.

- It is secure. Our Token Deployer is built on the Base and Core blockchains, both of which are secure and reliable blockchains.

- It is scalable. Both Base and Core chains are scalable blockchain, which means both can support a large number of tokens.

In addition to the Token Deployer, IceCreamSwap Dex also offers a number of other valuable DeFi tools that newly created tokens can utilize. These features include:

- Dex Listing: this feature allows newly created tokens to be listed and traded on our Dex after undergoing our KYC security protocols.

- Token liquidity pool: this allows project owners to create incentivized liquidity farms for their token. This helps to maintain token price while attracting users to the project.

- Staking pool: Project owners can also create an incentivized staking pool that rewards users for staking their tokens. This is a great way to encourage community participation and to secure the network.

- Token lock feature: projects owner can improve their community trust by locking up some of the circulating tokens within a specified period of time.

- Multichain bridge: Project owners can also utilize the multichain capability of IceCreamSwap to make their token available on different chains supported by our Dex. This feature allows users to transfer their newly created token between the source blockchain (Base or Core) and other blockchains supported by our Dex (currently 11 different chains).

Airdrop tool: As part of their community marketing program, project owners can use the airdrop tool to distribute tokens to early adopters according to their tokenomics.

In conclusion, the combination of the Token Deployer and these other features makes IceCreamSwap Dex a powerful platform for launching new tokens and projects on Base and Core chain. Project developers on Base and Core chain who are looking to launch their tokens on a decentralized and scalable platform should consider using IceCreamSwap Dex.


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