The long-awaited Shimmer EMV mainnet is finally live, and IceCreamSwap is among first Dexes to launch on it. This means that you can now trade your favorite assets and provide liquidity on our fast, secure, and scalable DeFi platform with very low transaction fees and fast transaction times. IceCreamSwap is the perfect place to get started with DeFi on Shimmer.


In the ever-changing DeFi landscape, IceCreamSwap continues to lead the way by introducing user-centric solutions that facilitate seamless trading , liquidity provision, and cross-chain interactions. We are excited to announce that we are live on Shimmer EMV Chain with both our Dex and Bridge fully operational. Users and projects on Shimmer can now easily get onboard on Shimmer EMV Chain, thanks to our innovative bridge and gas dropper features.

Our Easy Onboarding Features on Shimmer Blockchain:

Making user onboarding on our supported blockchains easy is our area of expertise. To achieve this, we have developed a number of unique features, including:

IceCreamSwap’s MultiChain Bridge for Shimmer EMV.

Transferring assets between networks should be smooth, secure, and straightforward. IceCreamSwap’s bridge ensures just that for users looking to move their assets onto Shimmer EMV Chain. The bridge’s integration allows for the seamless transfer of a wide range of tokens, ensuring that our users have unparalleled access to the growing Shimmer Chain ecosystem. Click here to see how to bridge on Shimmer Chain with IceCreamSwap Dex.

Gas Dropper: Fueling Your First Steps on Shimmer EMV.

One of the biggest problem facing new blockchain users is the procurement of native tokens to pay for transactions fees. This often requires them to purchase native token on centralized exchanges or beg for a few cents from their community. Well we are happy to announce that IceCreamSwap’s gas dropper solves this problem by automatically sending each user a small amount of Shimmer Chain’s native tokens, $SMR, upon using our bridge. The free native token functions as ‘gas fee’ to fuel the user’s First transactions on Shimmer chain. It’s our unique way of saying “Welcome onboard to Shimmer Chain!” and ensuring that your first Shimmer experience is as smooth as possible.

How To Bridge To ShimmerEMV Chain:

  1. Go to the IceCreamSwap website, make sure your network is connect to any of our supported blockchains (,Core, Telos Base, Fuse, Doge, Xodex, Doken, XDC, Bitgert, and Binance Smart Chain.).
  2. Connect your wallet and click on the “Bridge” tab.
Note: Metamask wallet preferably.

3. Select the chain that you want to bridge your assets from (Home chain) and then select Shimmer EMV Chain as the Target chain

4. Select the asset you want to bridge ( eg. $Ice)

5. Enter the amount of the asset that you want to bridge and click on the “Bridge” button.

6. Approve the Metamask pop-up.

7. Once you have completed the bridging process, your assets will be transferred to the destination chain (ShimmerEMV chain).

Note: Once you have successfully bridged to ShimmerEMV Chain, you can now trade and provide liquidity for any token of your choice.

In summary, With Shimmer EMV mainnet launch, our bridge and gas dropper make it easier for users to get started on Shimmer. Our DEX and liquidity provision tools are also available for seamless trading on ShimmerEMV Chain. We’re dedicated to providing our community with innovative tools to thrive in decentralized finance. Join us as we explore Shimmer Chain and its endless possibilities!

Chain details

The easiest way to add ShimmerEMV Chain to your wallet is to:Go to the IceCreamSwap website and change the network to Shimmer. Click Connect Wallet. Approve the automatic pop-up for adding Shimmer Chain. For manual adding of Shimmer Chain use the following configurations:

Note: The easiest way of adding Shimmer Chain to your wallet is by going to IceCreamSwap website and changing the network to Shimmer, click on connect wallet and approve the automatic pop-up for adding Shimmer chain.

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