Helios Protocol: Scalability as a service and purpose

Helios Protocol: Scalability as a service and purpose

By Paraguanads | Cryptalk | 27 Mar 2020

Blockchain technology has undergone a huge number of evolutionary changes in favor of massification and the practicality of its use. From small enterprises to private users, those who want to be part of this ecosystem (either by obtaining cryptocurrencies, developing decentralized applications - dApps, for their initials - and promoting the use of these with marketing strategies or whatever) can do so whenever wish because there is no restriction. There are hundreds of Blockchain technologies ready to interact with users, regardless of the end use they intend to give, and the users to whom they are directed.

It is no secret to anyone that the cost of mining a (01) Bitcoin is excessively high and requires a lot of energy (therefore, non-renewable natural resources) to be received, and the mining power must be excessively high to be profitable . In short, if you are thinking of making money mining Bitcoin with your laptop, you will not do it without first burning your devices without any gain, rather losses.

In the meantime, other Blockchain-based projects were born that are not necessarily based on payment platforms, but rather on hosting smart contracts or DApp, ready to provide some service (in any field or branch that is needed) with the greater effectiveness and clarity than any software that was already known. This technology has revolutionized not only the computing world but all the branches of services that exist, from tourism to aerospace engineering.

Ok, enough talk, what’s this about?

Like any entrepreneur who observes opportunities where others do not see them, and taking advantage of the rise of such technology, a Canadian programmer, Tommy Mckinnon, created Helios Protocol as a Blockchain project that quickly became a startup with a projection towards the future thanks to the mixture of various technologies (Blockchain + DAG), within a totally decentralized ecosystem, based on the newest web3 for which the internet will jump twenty years into the future when it is fully implemented.

Helios Protocol, as a startup, is currently developing and improving its technology on a daily basis, in an environmentally friendly way (HLS consensus requires dramatically less energy expenditure than BTC consensus, at least 6000 and 9000 times less energy than Bitcoin network with the same number of fullnodes).

There is some rewards or bounty system?

They distributing its own currency, hosted on its own mainnet ($HLS, for its ticker) to the most engaged users in their community: from task collaboration on social media, to juicy rewards for discovering bugs in their source code, while also mentioning the VIP private army of users (there are currently opportunity to be part of it) that pays its members great monthly rewards for fully completing the tasks assigned to them.

They also have multi-level Masternodes, for coin holders to maintain their stash in a VPS or on their computers and earn daily rewards in the same currency for keeping such nodes active. Said cryptoactive is highly valued currently thanks to its maximum supply of 350 million units, thus mentioning that a large part of that supply is destined to the rewards that are delivered to the community.

How was Helios financed?

The Helios Protocol project is self-financed, this means that Tommy, the developer, has been concerned with the fact of legitimately maintaining the venture he has carried out, focusing his gaze on the development of the Helios ecosystem and delegating functions to his team of developers and marketing staff to deal with the “mainstage” work.

You can get the $HLS coin on Alterdice and Atomars exchange platforms (now in Midas Investments) and help accelerate the expansion of this "red hot" project, who is aiming to the stars.

Where can I grab my wallet? 

Helios Protocol works with a web based walled able to be mobile friendship. You don't need to download anything

Does exist an active Helios community to share and ask for help?

Yes, they have. You can find them in their Discord server and start the conversation with the team.


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