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Hello guys, welcome again to my post where i show you how to earn passive crypto. However today i have some thing new that i came across and i beleive that this wil help all of you regradless of age to manage your finance effectively.



This is a project that is being worked on currently and when published and fully made it means that you will be able to control all payments and free trials from this app. You will have the ability to block, snooze, pay and terminate monthly, yearly payments and activate free trails which cannot suddenly chomp at your wallet.


This type of service is not new and is offered by but what makes it unique is that it is a smart contract based on the cardano token, they even have their own token called REVU which you can earn from paying through them and even stake to earn more. They are currently in progress and they will be releasing the app in 2021 and then you can use it to manage you finance.


Use this referal link to earn 10 REVU in their current airdrop and you can even refer other people to earn more, i even encourage you to put your own affilate link in the description because i am not stingy and this is a blog where i show you how to earn money for free and if it benifts you i am happy for it.


The referal link to earn 10 Free REVU:

shortend version: Revuto - In order to support me and my work please use this link.

long verion:


Take care and Stay safe


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