How to earn passive income in crypto just by browsing.

Welcome to my second post in this blog where i show you way that you can earn money passivly or activly.

Today i will show you a way that you can earn crypto by just browsing the web, the first part most if not all of you will know, the second however may be new for some of you.

First Method - BRAVE Browser


This is a browser that most of you probobly familiar with anyway, here you can earn Basic attention tokens by using the browser, this wors by ads where in return for watching ads you get these tokens as a reward. At the time of writing the one Basic Attention Token is worth roughly 1.5 USD,

source :

The average amount of tokens you can get depends on the amount of attention you take on websites, the brave browser is very customizable meaning you can limit how much ads you see and only enable reward giving ads on the site you want it to. BRAVE is trusted because they priortise your privacy before profit, they only take 30% of ad revenue giving the viewers 70% of the profit that they earn from the ads. You can also advertise your own products or service on BRAVE - more details can be found in this link -


Second Method - Presearch.



This is a search engine that pays you in crypto to make searches, yes just passivly earn for every search you make... It is also one of the most private search engines, it is decentralised and very similar in design to the TOR network meaning you get TOP privacy, they omit your IP and computer info from your search requests then direct them to the required server which is then filtered through another server then back. This ensures top privacy and they are well optimised so you will never notice any lag or delay in your searches. They also have one of the most customizable home pages and you can even search inside other services like reddit/qwant right from their own homepage.

They pay in PRE coins which have the estimated value of 0.0889 USD however they come in suficent quantites and after a while you will be looking at a nice sum, albiet not as large as most other tokens but afterall a large amount of internet traffic is made from searches so why not benift from this?

I could go on and on about Presearch but i will give you a link where you can learn more about it. -

You can sign up from there or use my referal link, form which you will get a hefty bonus at sign up- , i suggest before you sign up you have a look at the abouts section where most of the things i have talked about are fully explained, and some things i have not talked about are introduced such a advertising with presearch which i think is one of the best innovations that have come in advertisment since Basic Attention Tokens.


Take care


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