Btc why is most famous??

By Crpyto Hub | Crptyofuture | 19 Oct 2019

Btc is very old coin and now biggest coin of the world. Btc is made by unkwon in 2009. The btc is very famous beacuse the people want to save his money without telling her goverment so the btc is best method for them so they used btc in old time in the end of 2013 the btc price is goes suddenly high so the people lokoing to buy this and buyed and after his price goes to 18000$ high times but now there are lots of currancys in market cap . And now btc price is going low beacuse the fees of transaction is goes very up so people is not intested now

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Crpyto  Hub
Crpyto Hub

Hi all I am crypto earner


Hi all in this blog i do analatical test of btc and cryptos

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