Btc price again going down? Why ?
Btc price again going down? Why ?

By Crpyto Hub | Crptyofuture | 18 Oct 2019

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Btc price going again down. This is the shocking new for the investor and people that are holding btc.
Why are the price is going down. Answere of this question is very hard to giving. So in my eyes the reason of falling btc price is so much supply of btc . Now millons of compnies is mining btc and giving here employers and users of there site and apps
So the price is falling and going low. And 2nd reason is high fees is charged on btc for transfer so they people does not insterested in using buy. They are now using Etherum ,xlm , and xpr and bch 

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Crpyto  Hub
Crpyto Hub

Hi all I am crypto earner


Hi all in this blog i do analatical test of btc and cryptos

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