Month of September Update: Things are on the YUP!

Month of September Update: Things are on the YUP!

Hi Crowdholders!

We have had a busy September, we are beginning to see more and more opportunities while continuing our bootstrapping and moving Crowdholding further. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Growth Stats:

Our Alexa Ranking rose from 305,304 on September 1st to now at 178,326. The second month in a row with a significant jump. The most impressive aspect is that this is organic traffic as we are working without a marketing budget. All the groundwork in the past has given rise to a continuous stream that continually growing.




We had a total of 528 signups in the month of September averaging to 17.6 a day.

Our active returning users also took a small jump upward as showcased from Analytics below, from the previous month of 2,497 to 2,537 weekly active users (ie. commenters, voters and readers). With more traffic increasing we look to find ways to convert more returning users in October.




Placement of our first Ad banner on CH

We are happy to announce the testing of using ads on CH to help support the YUP cycle. We currently placed only one ad banner for this trial as of today (October 4th). As agreed upon with the CH community, all revenue coming from ads will be used to purchase YUPs to support and help improve volume.

We are collaborating closely with who also use our CH widget. We are happy to support their ads and plan to keep improving our ad results with them as we grow and distinguish best placements. Expect more Adshares tasks on CH soon!




Dividend Stats

Our total YUP rewards given for the month was 247,600, thus 12,380 were given out in Dividends.

Results are the following:

Top 20 Leaderboard & 50K+ YUP holders: 26.97 YUP

250K YUP holders: 107.88 YUP

1M YUP holders: 539 YUP


Aeternity’s Hackathon


The weekend of September 14th and 15th, Ethan with a team of developers won 3rd place at the Aeternity’s One Hackathon for the project Memehunter. Memehunter is a concept to develop a meme economy by allowing top meme curators to post their memes for small micropayments. You can watch the presentation here (please go to 9:08:18 of the stream to watch Ethan’s 6-minute presentation).

Update on Memehunter:

Ethan met and talked to the 3rd highest paid user from Memefactory’s leaderboard (would be a direct competitor of Memehunter). What he found out was that Memefactory in the beginning actually showcased a real use case with people buying and selling, but then an issue happened according to the user, “The decentralized nature of the application began accumulating high costs. Just getting one vote of many to get memes accepted was costing people 3 USD per vote. And the cost of minting the Meme’s was even higher. Thus, I started paying more and more costs and things just slowed down from there.”

This is definitely interesting to think about. Memefactory was onto something but looks gas prices just got too high. Which means there is an opportunity and market out there. So as a community we should keep looking at ways on how a use case would look like.


Ethan presented and attended the Aeternity Universe One


On September 20th-21st CH attended the æternity Universe One conference in Prague, Czech Republic. It was great for the first time meeting the Aeternity team in person with who we are closely collaborating with.


Hacktothemoon (Binance sponsored Hackathon in Prague)


Ethan presented on day two where he talked about Crowdholding and our future collaboration with AE. You can watch the video here. Go to 6:10:33 of the stream to watch Ethan’s 20-minute presentation. We plan to announce our integration on Aeternity’s Blockchain next week so CH users will be able to withdraw their AE rewards from their ”account” on CH. So stay tuned!

Ethan together with another development team participated in a Binance sponsored Hackathon on the weekend of September 28–29 called HacktheMoon in Prague. The project they built was called CrowdClick. However, no spoilers about it just yet, as they are currently waiting for the event organizers to release the presentation video. Once we receive this they will definitely showcase this new product idea for your feedback. As a highlight, Binance was impressed and their ending remarks on stage singled out the project as a “fascinating potential use case.” And Crowdclick won their hackathon track from building on Matic Network’s side chain. We will update you soon about it.

Also make sure to check out our platform, we have over 42,000 signups and 130 projects. Come and become a Crowdholder, complete micro tasks and earn crypto for it! 

Thanks for reading everyone. Keep up the good work!

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