CropBytes: The only crypto game for Android and iOS
CropBytes upcomming 3D version
CropBytes: The only crypto game for Android and iOS

By Ke ignity | CropBytes | 3 weeks ago


CropBytes: The only crypto game for Android and iOS


Crypto games are in full swing these days with new titles every month, growing popularity and loads of investment.

They come with huge earning potential, yet we never see our friends hooked on to them like other games, that’s because almost all of them have some drawbacks(friction) over regular games.

Such as

  • Needs investment to get started.
  • Not available on mobile devices.
  • Needs an extension to run on a browser.
  • Players are required to create an account in the game, a wallet & an account in a crypto exchange
  • Limited game-play.


In Q4 2019 Samsung released a blockchain phone with the Samsung Blockchain Key Store which featured a few blockchain games on the device.

There are about 10 blockchain phones out now, but there’s still some time for the rest of us to get our own Blockchain mobile device.


CropBytes is the only crypto game that has a full-fledged app for Android and iOS users.

Now let’s see how CropBytes compares to the rest.

  • Easy 2 step Download and sign up.
  • Available on Android, iOS & Web (no extension needed)
  • Play for free with the free trial pack.
  • Regularly updated game-play and features.

Your next crypto game is a simple download away, just head to the Android Play Store or the Apple App store & look for CropBytes Farm.

Hope to see your farm soon!




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Ke ignity
Ke ignity

A Writer, designer & crypto enthusiast


From the new era of crypto gaming and the success of farming simulation games like Farmville & Hayday comes a game ahead of its time. CropBytes is all about building your crypto portfolio by farming, trading and investing. A game of business where you can earn real money daily, just by playing. A game of expanding possibilities.

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