Spheroid universe space: the digital land NFT

By As125d | Criptoupdate | 27 Mar 2021

Hello crypto lovers, NFT is booming right now. Open sea. The biggest NFT market, thousand of  NFTs are sold out everyday. By using NFT, you can decorate your own token and you can sell it in the market and you freely set your own sell price for your token. Commonly NFT is used for art products like painting or you can add video in the NFT.

Spheroid universe is a flatform for developing and launching XR project With the technological basis of Spheroid XR cloud and Spheroid script programming language. In  the spheroid universe space, you can add advertisement of your own bussines, or you can rent it to some one, or you can add your art products in the space, or you can sell your space to the internal and external market.

Space of spheroid universe is ERC721 based token, you have to install metamask to download your token.

Uniquely, if you have spaces in the spheroid universe, you can get commision from the spaces around your space.  How? 

1. Log in to your Spheroid universe account,click spaces, click my space.

2. Click your space and then click create expansion.

3. Add power, more high the power you set, more spaces under your expansion.

if the spaces around your expansion is sold. You will get commision depending on your level.

If you are programmer, you can create your own XR project with demiurge.

Oke..., If interested with the project, just search in the internet spheroid universe or you can click link in the resource.

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