Most of tokens under Tron blockchain rise up

By As125d | Criptoupdate | 5 Apr 2021

Hello crypto lovers, I will continue my topic about Tron. In the former article, see here , I have written about Tron price rose up over 30% in 24 hours. But not only the tron itself, the tokens under the Tron flatform are also rise up amazingly. Like phoneum rise up over +245,48% in 24 hours, winks +17,32%, love heart 18,85%, and BTT 66,51%.

Maybe this phenomenon because the gas price of ETH is incredibly high recently. So investors try to find the alternatif tokens to invest or to transfer their money in crypto. 

Tron is one of the best alternatif coin to reduce gas fee, as we know that, to transfer tokens under the Tron blockchain, the gas fee is nearly zero. So, the Tron is th first alternatif for investors beside Binance. 

Will Tron reaches the All time High this year. In my opinion, yes...! Tron price will be amazingly high because most of investors use this flatform and stake their money there.

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