Exodus integrates Monero and Binance Coin into their cryptocurrency portfolio

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 28 Apr 2019


Monero (XMR), the acclaimed cryptocurrency for privacy, has been integrated into the Exodus multi-currency portfolio, after a long wait by the community.

Users of the Exodus portfolio can now receive and send their XMR through the desktop application, available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, in addition to exchanging them for another 70 available cryptoactives, such as bitcoin, ether, xrp, lisk, among others. .

For this cryptocurrency focused on privacy, Exodus has provided an advanced option that allows the user to establish a custom Monero node and verify the synchronization progress of the blockchain.


In addition to the addition of Monero to the portfolio, Exodus incorporated support for the Binance Coin cryptocurrency (BNB) of Binance's own blockchain. This integration allows Exodus users to exchange their BNB cryptoactives (ERC-20) from the Ethereum blockchain to BNB cryptocurrencies in the main Binance Chain network.

To make the exchange, users who have BNB (ERC-20) should go to the configuration section of the BNB (old) token and choose the option "Exchange Tokens Binance to Main Network".

Exodus recently released its mobile application for iOS devices (still in development for Android) and added the long-awaited Bitcoin native segwit addresses.

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