Bitcoin against gold? Grayscale recommends "scrapping" the metal

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 3 May 2019


Grayscale, an investment firm in bitcoin, advises its investors to scrap gold and "go digital". In a new campaign, they say: "in a digital world, gold should not weigh in your portfolio."

Through the promotional video of the campaign, Grayscale also ensures that investing in gold is living in the past, while "cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the future". They also state that the latter have utility, "unlike gold."

Precisely this last sentence aroused much controversy. For example, the user in Reddit kurz578 replied that phrase among the comments asking simply: "what?". Along with the question, he just added the link to the portal, with the gold uses section. Among them, the manufacture of jewelery stands out clearly, with 38%, but a non-disposable 34% goes to electronics. Gold is also used in some medical instruments, in addition to the aerospace industry.

The entire promotional piece, in fact, has been very questioned. Especially for phrases like the following: "It's not that gold is bad. It's that bitcoin is better." This can be read on the campaign website, simply named

Another user of the social network most used in the cryptoecosystem, S00rabh, registered the generalized feeling in the responses, also referring to the fact that gold has multiple use cases. He made the reservation that, in any case, bitcoin exceeds gold by the ease of its transactions. But the Grayscale campaign completely sentences the precious metal as useless in the digital age.

Some were not so soft in their comments, as was the case of Valtuoro-oficial, in the same Reddit: "what a stupid campaign. The real competition is fiat, not gold. "

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