AirTM users can now make payments with DAI

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 9 May 2019


The exchange operator AirTM announced on May 8th the inclusion of the cryptoactivist anchored to the DAI dollar to its portfolio, after the firm closed an association with the company that issues this stablecoin, MakerDAO.

The executives also confirmed by mail that their clients will soon be able to withdraw or deposit DAI from their addresses in Ethereum, as well as send balance sheets or save in this stablecoin based on the DAI savings rate.

It is the second cryptocurrency anchored to the dollar that is added to the platform, since a few months ago AirTM launched its own stablecoin, AirUSD. Similarly, it becomes the eleventh cryptoactive to be included in the portfolio with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, DASH and Monero, to name a few.

AirTM is one of the most used exchange platforms in Latin America with a total of 400,000 accounts generated only in this region. In this sense, the representatives of this firm consider that a cryptoactive dollar-based could arouse the interest of clients residing in countries with hyperinflationary markets, such as Venezuela, or emerging markets, such as Brazil and Peru, allowing them to participate in other related financial services, such as financial derivatives or loans with cryptocurrencies.

In line with this goal, the executives of MakerDAO donated 10,000 DAIs for the AirDrop-Venezuela campaign managed by AirTM, which seeks to raise one million dollars in order to continue offering its services in countries of South America with severe economic crises.

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