VINDAX - DO YOU KNOW? Exchanges! A serius case!

VINDAX - DO YOU KNOW? Exchanges! A serius case!

By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 5 Oct 2020


Vindax is an exchange based in Vietnam since March 2019. It has 283 assets between cryptocurrencies and tokens on its list so far. Too many options really.


And the interface is very complete but complicated for those who don't have much experience with graphics and a lot of information.

Among the various options on your menu are:





Experience with Vindax.

About 1 month ago I made 3 deposits in XRP totaling 84 XRP.

Okay. It took a little about 4 days, I was surprised but it appeared on the balance I used to exchange for another cryptocurrency. The operation was carried out.

Well then. Currently I have been waiting since September 16 to show in my balance another 80 XRP that I transferred from another exchange and until today the transaction has not yet been carried out. In the status appears, waiting for confirmation.

I've tried contacting support but the option doesn't open a dialog box, either in the app or on the website.

If anyone has had an experience like this, let us know how these exchanges.ok work.



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