Polkadot X Ethereum - Giant fight

Polkadot X Ethereum - Giant fight

By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 13 Nov 2020


Market Rank - 9

Price today (13/11/2020) - $4,45 USD
Market Cap - $3.907.171.844 USD
Volume (24h) - $345.006.116 USD
Circulating Supply - 877.539.162 DOT
Total Supply - 1.012.344.574 DOT


Market Rank - 2

Price today (13/11/2020) - $463,74 USD
Market Cap - $52.591.694.786 USD
Volume (24h) - $12.412.921.892 USD
Circulating Supply - 113.408.722 ETH


Polkadot and Ethereum are two decentralized blockchain networks with basically the same functions. Serve as a platform for other projects like Dapps, and have your own cryptocurrencies in this case DOT and ETHER.

Everyone knows the greatness of Ethereum with its multiple functions and impostance within the DeFi ecosystem. Analyzing the data above comparing with each other it is possible to see that Ethereum is far ahead of Polkadot.

The big difference between them pointed out by experts is that a Polkadot was developed with the aim of connecting like existing blockchains like Bitcoin, and Ethereum and coexisting as opposed to just competing.

However, the great results of the Polkadot launch produced a question.

Would be Polkadot the new Ethereum?

It is hard to imagine that since Ethereum is a consolidated network, being a platform for several other stablecoins and alticoins, but only time will tell. What is known today is that Polkadot is coming and is already among the ten most commercialized cryptocurrencies in the world and arrived with an ambitious and innovative project. And with the advantage of having an Ethereum co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood among the founders.


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