5 Facts About use Bitcoin PayPal

5 Facts About use Bitcoin PayPal

By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 30 Nov 2020


2e88674db7eab53a0cb8baeb900424b3d0190208cedcd747c0c3516e14799543.jpegFact 1

On October 21 it was announced by PayPal that from the beginning of next year, 2021, this giant company will accept payments through cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Fact 2

PayPal has a partnership with approximately 26 million merchants worldwide, which means that crypts have an even greater reach, even reaching those who never speak of the subject.

Fact 3

From the announcement made by paypal's CEO, Daniel Schulman, the cryptocurrency market has been very agitated for a few days. Dan also said he was a personal investor in CNBC TV's BTC.

Fact 4

PayPal does not provide customers with private keys, that is, their nipples will be entirely in the custody of the company.

Fact 5

Only a transaction within PayPal will be allowed. You will not be able to transfer your cryptocurrencies to other accounts or directly deposit cryptocurrencies in your wallet.


This means that you will only be able to convert fiat currencies to Bitcoin or another one available on the platform And yes, it was important for us investors that the news involving PayPal and Bitcoin leveraged the prices of a large part of cryptocurrencies, mainly BTC, which reached historical values. Since the announcement until 11/30/2020, today, BTC has risen approximately 60%. Dragging with it several other crypts and Altcoins.


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