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We wrote in detail about this in our earlier posts, i.e., How Content Publishers/Articles Writers Can Earn From The Publishing0x Platform, so, we will not be writing about it again, again, we would rather have you continue reading in depth. If it is your first time hearing about publish0x platform, then I suggest that you go through your search and know about all possible ways that you can earn cryptocurrency either as a reader, content creator, or ambassador for Publish0x platform. As mentioned earlier, Publish0x is a blogging platform in which you can publish your blog in order to earn cryptocurrencies. 
If you are comfortable writing posts about Blockchain or cryptocurrency, then you can apply to be a writer for Publish0x. Once you activate your Publish0x account through email, you can begin earning crypto from reading articles and tagging authors. Upon signing up, you are assigned an Affiliate ID and an Ambassador Link, with which you can use to invite people to Publish0x and earn 5% of each tip they generate. 

Ambassadors can use their ambassador link (referral) and get rewards for sharing awesome Publish0x content by linking their Ambassadors to any article on Publish0x. Because, in Publish0x platform, both publishers and readers have the opportunity to be rewarded daily with cryptocurrency for reading articles and tipping the content creators that we like most. This is why Go Full Crypto uses Publish0x, if our content is good (and it is), both us and our readers will be paid. 

As you can see above, I attached the GIF of how we earn using Publish0x, steemit-like is a TIP button at the end of each post. Let us talk now more in depth about the earning opportunities that Publish0x offers, so that we understand how the website works. Publish0x is an awesome website which produces all kinds of content, not only crypto related content. 
While interest is mostly centered around crypto and blockchain, I think publish0x is a good place to gain some extra eyes for your work, and make some crypto money in the process. If you like blogging, and have some decent knowledge about the crypto world, there is a website called Publish0x which claims you can earn cryptocurrency from blogging. Earning money as a writer on Publish0x is easy, all you need to do is to write and publish quality, valuable content, which answers the questions of actual users, and receive recommendations from hundreds of thousands of readers. [Sources: 0, 3, 7]
The fastest way to get a minimal number of tokens is by becoming an Author on Publish0x and getting tips from other users. Note that you can only receive tips up to a maximum of 6 times a day on Publish0x, and a specific author can receive tips just once per day. Having this real-world benefit to using Publish0x, we still cannot abuse the system since each time we tip one post, we wait 10 minutes before tipping another, additionally, it is not allowed to tip the same author before the day has passed. 











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