Goose Vault, here we are!

<<If we really want to contribute to actualize a new and more efficient bank system, we have to try, let’s go out from our comfort zone and try to learn, test and why not? Get ready…>>

If you read my previous article (link in resources), you know the phrase above was my conclusion.  Well, here I am… as a beginner conscious of the possible errors I could make moving in this world and of the high risk to lose money, I have personally tried to use this really new tool.

Yesterday afternoon, on the homepage of the website there was a countdown, at 11:00pm (Italian time) the new system would have been uploaded.


In this first image you can see my (poooor) deposit of yesterday 15 April 2021, at about 11:15pm (Italian time) =

1,114 EGG staked, and obviously 0,000 GUSD earned.



Less then a day after, so today 16 April 2021 at 05:30pm (Italian time) here is my updated situation:

1,119 EGG staked, and 0,021 GUSD earned.



The system seems to work! Even if a message regarding some LP token issues:



the vault is now working with advantageous farming values and I really hope this can be only the tip of the iceberg!

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I am Italian, working in the eCommerce field, interested in crypto world. My big passion is voluntary.

Cripto for (Italian) beginner
Cripto for (Italian) beginner

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