Goose Vault, are you ready?

Goose Vault, are you ready?

In the homepage of the Goose Finance Announcements section, there are different articles which talk about the goose vault launch.

The official date is today, Thursday, April 15, 2021, but the event has not started yet in Italy! Let’s wait…




The compound system plus the rewards in a Goose Dollar are very tempting even for a beginner in the crypto world but the really truth, at the moment, is that it seems to be a sort of niche, a small market segment, accessible only for expert investors.

It is a fact, for exemple, that it is not possible to farm egg without passing before from other crypto already deposited in other  DE-FI wallet.

As usual, the hight risk to loose money, the easy exchange of the value, the impermanent loss and so on, are also noticeable hindrances for a non-expert investor.

In any case, even if with little amount, I've learned that it's worth it.

My FIAT bank, not only doesn’t give me any compensation to let my money deposited, beside deduct me a certain value (monthly or yearly...I can also choose! -.-) only because I have an open account.

If we really want to contribute to actualize a new and more efficient bank system, we have to try, let’s go out from our comfort zone and try to learn, test and why not? Get ready…

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Cripto for (Italian) beginner
Cripto for (Italian) beginner

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