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Attack of the Shitcoins II: Minereum Strikes Back

By Creepto | Creepto on Crypto | 7 May 2020

A couple of weeks ago I explained how to hide shitcoins on Etherscan, using their Token Ignore List. One of the "stars" of the article was Minereum, a spam shitcoin I covered in an earlier article.

But spammers are nothing if not innovative.

Minereum Strikes Back

I checked my address on Etherscan today, and to my surprise, saw 32,000 MNE again, despite the fact that MNE's contract was added to my ignore list. I logged out of the account and checked the tokens list again. This is what I saw:

2 x MNE

As you can see, there are 2 tokens called MNE - one whose contract address we've discussed last time (0xc92e74b131d7b1d46e60e07f3fae5d8877dd03f0):

Address 1

This one was added to my ignore list. I'd also like to highlight that orange section at the bottom and thank Etherscan for warning people that you can't use these tokens without paying an Ether fee (last I checked, around $89). This token is supposed to have an actual USD value, eventhough you can only trade it after paying the ransom, sorry, the fee.

But the second one, was only recently added (about 20 hours ago as of this time), and yet it keeps sending 32K MNE to millions of addresses, RIGHT NOW. The second contract address is 0x426CA1eA2406c07d75Db9585F22781c096e3d0E0:

Address 2

Unlike the first contract address, this one does not have a link to the Minereum site, has no social profiles, and has no warning from Etherscan. Yet the units come up as `MNE` in the tokens list. Is this a case of copycat, trying to show how evil and stupid Minereum is, by polluting the same address with another token?

Not a Copycat

All you need to do is click both contract addresses to get to their creators. Here's the first contract's creator:

Creator of contract 1

And here's the creator of the second:

Creator of contract 2

You can see that not only is it the same address, but the person listed the token tracker for the second contract as "Minereum (MNE)" - hence the fact that the tokens dropdown listed that second contract's units as MNE.

The Culprit

The address that created these 2 contracts is 0xA071a030b6b808454c6f8BCc62d6A23c514a0BdF. It owns almost no funds - just enough, one assumes, to pay the fees to create contracts:

The culprit address

This is the address of the spammer. All I can recommend is that you send this address some shitcoins of your own (they're free to make - but you do need to pay fees for the contracts and for sending coins - so it's not an entirely free approach).

But I would ask Etherscan for another feature request: allow us to block spam/shitcoins by the address that created their contracts. Of course, addresses are free, and the spammer can always create another one. But why make their life easy?

If you are the owner of this address, or know who is, or if you have any other ideas on how fight shitcoins in general, and Minereum in particular - please leave a comment.

Stay safe!

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