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How To Hide Shitcoins On Etherscan

By Creepto | Creepto on Crypto | 19 Apr 2020

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The Problem

My last 2 posts dealt with me finding new shitcoins that appeared on my ETH address (see KickCoin and Minereum articles).

I usually find those when looking at my address on an Ethereum block explorer. The most common block explorer, used by wallets, and most DEX and DeFi sites, is This is usually the first site you visit when initiating a new ERC20 related transaction. And this is what I saw one day:

Look! I'm rich!

At first sight, I have about $474 in tokens (other than the ETH) on this address. Only when clicking the dropdown, can you see this is imaginary. There's no way to realize the "value" of the shitcoins. Yet the number is always there, taunting me, pissing me off, urging me to write more Publis0x articles (so maybe not all the side effects are bad 😉).

The problem with many of these shitcoins is that they are not tradeable, or transferable. You can't just create a new address, and shuttle them there. You are stuck with them. Forever.

New Feature: Private Token Ignore List

Etherscan announced a new feature, that allows you to maintain a list of tokens that you do not want to see on your address. The only caveat is: you have to register on Etherscan, and the list is maintained as part of your profile.

How To Use the Ignore List

1. Log into your Etherscan account (or create one - you do not have to associate a wallet address with your Etherscan user!).

2. To add a shitcoin to the Ignore List, we have to find its contract address. Find your address on Etherscan (

3. Pick a shitcoin from the token dropdown and click it. In the right hand corner, you'll see the contract's address. Copy it.

Token Contract

4. In the upper right corner, select your user name, and from the dropdown, select "Token Ignore List".

Token Ignore List - still empty

5. Click the "Add Token" button, and paste the contract address. You can also add a comment, if you'd like.

Add shitcoin

6. Repeat for all shitcoins that plague your address.

Shitcoins added

7. Go back to your address page. Click the tokens dropdown. Rejoice.

Look ma! No shitcoins!

Feature Requests

I welcome this new feature, but have 3 issues (feature requests?) I'd like to add:

1. I'd have loved it if the feature was not tied to a profile (let's say, saved as cookie, or localstorage), but I can understand how, from an implementation stand point, this might be more complex (not to mention, you'll have to re-define the list for every browser).

2. If possible, I'd like to be able to add a shitcoin to the list by name, rather than go through the pain of finding its contract address.

3. I really would love to see a pre-populated list. Add all the known shitcoins to it by default, and have people "opt-out". Let the creators of the shitcoins defend and explain why the shouldn't be on the list. I understand this would be highly subjective, but a simple Google search (or Publish0x search) can bring up a list of candidates to be featured on that list.

Known Shitcoins (and a request for more)

Below are a couple of contract addresses of the shitcoins I covered. This will save you a step in the process:

  • Minereum - 0xc92e74b131d7b1d46e60e07f3fae5d8877dd03f0
  • KickToken - 0xc12d1c73ee7dc3615ba4e37e4abfdbddfa38907e
  • - 0xaC9Bb427953aC7FDDC562ADcA86CF42D988047Fd

Please chime in the comments and offer some more addresses. I'll keep updating the list, and add the name of the person/s who suggested an address next to it. I'd appreciate it if you could add a couple of words about the shitcoin, and why it deserves the title.

Hopefully, more explorers and wallets would add this feature soon.

Stay safe!

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