How To Claim $500 in Free Stellar Lumens XLM Air Drop!

Surprise!  If you have a GitHub account, you are now $500 richer!

Assuming you created your GitHub account BEFORE september 19, 2019,  then you automatically qualify for a FREE Air Drop of XLM Stellar Lumens,  worth about $60 per month,  for 20 months,   starting on October 15th!!

You have to follow a few simple steps to connect your GitHub account to a wallet,   because that is where your XLM air drop wil arrive every month.

Stellar Lumens announced the big air drop recently here and since then it has been the topic of much discussion.

2 Billion Lumens for Everyone
Just about $117 million USD

Originally, the Air Drop was a surprise gift,  to Keybase users.

"As a surprise gift, the Stellar Development Foundation just starting sending 100 million Lumens, worth $5 million USD, to 300,000 Keybase users. There are lots of different tokens on Stellar, but Lumens are Stellar's native token, and SDF wants real people of the world to have them."

However it quickly grew out of control with people trying to game the system and create multiple Keybase accounts and cheat their way into more and more free XLM.

Realizing this,  the team at Stellar Lumens took quick and decisive action.

After pausing the Air Drop temporarily, they have now reinstated it but ONLY for new Keybase users who can prove that they had a GitHub account BEFORE september 19th (the date the air drop was announced.)

This smart move will still allow Keybase to collect plenty of free registrations,  but byt additionally requiriing the new KeyBase user to tie Keybase to an already existing GitHub acccount to qualify,  it limits the air drop to only real GitHub users who created their GitHub BEFORE the air drop was even known about. 

The best part is that this Air Drop is split evenly among all the users who signup. 

So,  since the # of new KeyBase users registering every day to gain this reward has gone back down to normal levels,  there is a greater share of the reward to be had now!

Which means I am sharing some of my free XLM with you,  just by telling you about this!

So be smart, don't delay - create a free Keybase account,  tie it to your GitHub,   and do this BEFORE October 15th which is the first air drop!


Remember the goal is to CREATE your Keybase account,  and Connect it to GitHub -  if you simply do that,  you will get the air drop in your Keybase wallet automatically!

Here are some basic instructions:

Step 1: Create your account — you’ll need an invite code, you can use mine:

Step 2: Once logged into Keybase, go to your profile and click “prove your GitHub” and follow the instructions to connect your GitHub account to your Keybase account.

Step 3: Go to KeyBase and click “Wallet” to setup your built-in keybase wallet. Your Stellar Lumens will automatically be deposited there.

Step 4: There is no step 4! Just sit back and collect your free air drop every month!

Remember: No Keybase user will receive more than $500 — and you must have had a GitHub account already as of September 9th.



1.  Only 1 Keybase account allowed per person.  Max Air Drop reward of $500 per person.

2.  Must connect GitHub account older than Sep 19th to a new Keybase account.

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