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How to Earn Crypto for Free - Reflex 3.0 Topixer - A platform very similar to Publish0x



Got some more news on how to increase reflex token earnings for FREE.

The topic of discussion for the post is that rewards reflex for views on published content of yours just as similar to publish0x but content writers are prohibited to refer any of the links of the platform.

It can help boost your Reflex earnings largely.

The anamolous difference between publish0x and Topixer of reflex token is that every view at topixer help you generate rfx tokens and here it is the tipping system.

And the one point that caught my eye was that you get different rfx token reward for view in different countries such as more than 1 rfx per view for views from the United States of America and a mere 0.02 rfx for some other countries.


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If you want to join click on the link below and get 50 rfx for initial testers of the platform


Thanks for Reading.

I am keen to have some suggestions from your side and Do some research on the topic.

This should not be taken as Financial advice.


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